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1Password Review | Protect Your Passwords While You Travel

1Password offers secure password storage, a customizable password generator, and unique security measures specifically for travelers. It’s certainly a solid choice if you’re looking for a password manager, but is it worth the price? Keep reading to learn more about 1Password and find out if it’s a good fit for you.

Free planPremium planFamily plan/strong>
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Monthly priceFree$2.99$4.99
Syncs on multiple devices
1GB document storage
Travel mode
Number of usersOneOneUp to five
Customizable permissions
Get it
Monthly price
Syncs on multiple devices
1GB document storage
Travel mode
Number of users
Customizable permissions
Free plan Premium plan Family plan/strong>
View plans View plans View plans
Free $2.99 $4.99
One One Up to five

1Password works with the following operating systems and browsers:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android


  • Travel Mode provides extra protection for data when crossing borders
  • Tagging system makes it easy to sort notes, passwords, and personal info
  • Password generator has multiple customization options


  • Premium plan is more expensive than competitors
  • Mobile app has fewer features than competitor apps

What we like about 1Password

In most ways, 1Password is the same as any other password manager—and like other well-known password managers, you can rely on it to safely store your account information.

However, there are a few things that make 1Password special.

Travel Mode

Traveling in and out of the country? 1Password gives you extra options for keeping your account information private. Enable Travel Mode to temporarily remove data from your vaults. If someone at the border demands to check your mobile devices, they won’t be able to access the data because it won’t be there. Once you finish traveling, you simply turn off Travel Mode and your information is restored.

We’ll be honest: this is probably not a feature most people need. But if you do need it, 1Password is the only password manager to offer this kind of protection.

Enable Travel Mode to temporarily remove data from your vaults... this is probably not a feature most people need. But if you do need it, 1Password is the only password manager to offer this kind of protection.

Lots of organization options

1Password is great for organization enthusiasts. When you create a new record, there are dozens of labels to choose from—all with cute images to make things easier to identify quickly.

Extra customization for creating passwords

Any decent password manager will create strong passwords, but often those passwords are impossible to remember. Most of the time, that’s not an issue—you’ve got a password manager to do that for you.

But once in a while, you might need a password you can remember without using an app. 1Password gives you extra password creation options so you can build a password that meets your needs. You can create a completely random password, a “memorable password” using randomized words, or a number-only code.

Customer reviews

There aren’t tons of customer reviews online for 1Password, but most of the reviews we found were positive. Customers were happy with the app’s security and convenience. We honestly had a hard time finding negative reviews, but the ones we did find had complaints about customer service.

Should you try 1Password?

We have no real complaints about 1Password—it’s secure, capable, and reasonably priced. We suggest signing up for the free trial to see if you like the interface and organization structure. However, if Travel Mode doesn’t sound particularly appealing, you can probably find everything they need with either LastPass or Keeper—both cheaper alternatives.

Have you used 1Password? What’s your take on it? Share your thought in the comments below!

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5 responses to “1Password Review | Protect Your Passwords While You Travel”


    For sites that use pop-up logins to force re-login after a period of inactivity (eg wordpress, mailchimp): 1Password will not only populate the login credentials, but it will populate other screen data fields with the user id – in fact, it will populate the first field it finds, which could be a document title, a name etc. Which means you can easily corrupt data when 1Password updates a site form for you with user id info.

    This only occurs with 1) popup logins and 2) re-logins after inactivity when you’ve got a web form open. But this actually turns out to be quite often. 1Password has screwed up countless WordPress pages and posts and Mailchimp campaign list names. 1Password is well aware of this flaw, but they don’t think it’s a big deal. They told me they’ve got bigger fish to fry…WTF?

    There is an inherent design flaw in their product – it essentially is a kind of screen scraper and relies on recognizing user id and pw elements. This works most of the time, but it’s not a stable solution. And when it bumps up against a slightly different login model (ie popups), 1Password’s ability to recognize user id elements declines markedly.

  2. You should include competitors, like LastPass. I have used this tool for years, very early from tgheir inception. I believe LogMeIn has bought them out, and frankly has made them even better.

  3. Correction: It does (now?) have e-mail support. And pretty good one. I recently had an issue and I had a personal dialog over e-mail with a tech guy from Agile Bits trying to figure out the cause of the problem with me together, and together we successfully found the culprit.

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