Best Alexa Compatible Devices: Thermostats, Cameras, Lighting & more

If you have an Alexa voice assistant device in your home, you have a lot of smart home potential at your fingertips. From smart lights to thermostats, door locks to security cameras, we want to help you kit out your home with the best Alexa-compatible smart devices on the market. Want to make the gadgets throughout your home smarter, safer, and easier to control? Follow our guide below.

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amazon Echo overhead plus LifX light
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The best Alexa-compatible products at a glance

How to set up the Amazon Echo


Alexa-compatible smart lights

Using smart lights with Alexa

Gone are the days of aimless switch flipping and trying to remember which dimmer adjusts which set of lights in your house. Smart light bulbs come packed with app and voice controlled features that automate and simplify the lighting in your home.

Every smart light app is different, but each offers the same basic set of features. You can set timers to have your smart bulbs come on when you get home from work or have the bedroom lights wake you in the morning with gentle light. You can also set “scenes” to customize your home’s lighting in the app. If you’re ready for a night in, tell Alexa to set your premade movie night scene and you’ll instantly transport to your home theater.

The LIFX A19 can sync to your music and strobe to the beat—the perfect feature for impromptu dance parties.

If you want to have more fun with your smart lighting, we recommend the LIFX or the Philips Hue color bulb, both of which give you color lighting and more of the fun-but-not-totally-necessary features to make life at home more entertaining.

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Alexa-compatible cameras

Using cameras with Alexa

Cameras are important additions to any smart home. They help you keep an eye on your home while you’re out of town or when you leave the kids at home for a bit here and there. The above cameras are built with two-way talk so you can chat with people back home (or yell at your pets to get off the couch).

Most of our favorite home security cameras are compatible with Alexa, which can help you manage multiple cameras from one central hub. With Alexa you use voice commands to do things like arm and disarm your cameras, turn them on or off, or review recent motion-activated events.

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Alexa-compatible thermostats

Using smart thermostats with Alexa

Alexa-compatible thermostats offer a smarter way to manage your home’s temperature. With smart thermostats you can use voice commands to adjust the temperature or set heating and cooling schedules. Some thermostats, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, learn your preferences over time to fully automate your home temperature.

The Nest and Ecobee4 use motion detection to determine whether or not you’re home. When you’re away the thermostats go into Away mode to save energy and lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.

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Alexa-compatible smart locks

Using smart locks with Alexa

Smart door locks add a layer of security and convenience to your smart home system. Whether you opt for an app-controlled smart lock like the August Pro or deadbolts with built-in keypads, you won’t have to worry about locking yourself out or hiding a spare key somewhere around the house.
The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect gives you remote control of your door locks, meaning you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere.

If you want to control your smart lock with Alexa, we recommend the August Pro + Connect. The Connect syncs to your home Wi-Fi network so you can control the lock from the August app or by telling Alexa to lock your door as you head to bed.

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Other Alexa-compatible smart devices

Aukey Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Smart plugs like the Aukey can turn regular products into smart devices. When you plug your lights into smart plugs, you gain voice control to turn them on and off with Alexa.

Sonos One

Amazon Echo products come with built-in speakers, but audiophiles might long for something more powerful. The Sonos One is a stronger smart speaker with Alexa built in, so it will work just like an Echo device. But it offers a much more robust speaker that takes your music to the next level.

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick makes any TV smart. It gives you complete voice control over your television so you can turn it on and off, change the volume, and control apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.

What isn’t compatible with Alexa

Of any smart hub, Alexa gives you the widest range of compatible smart devices. It’s the only smart hub with built-in compatibility with Zigbee-enabled products. But Echo devices don’t have a built-in Z-Wave chip, meaning not all Z-Wave products will be automatically compatible with Alexa.

That said, Amazon has ensured the Alexa is compatible with most leading smart home products. Even for most Z-Wave products, you can likely download an Amazon Skill that gives you control over smart devices even if they’re not directly compatible with the Echo. Wemo products, for example, are compatible with Alexa only once you’ve downloaded the Wemo skill through Amazon. So you’re not likely to run into many smart devices that won’t work with Alexa.

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You can pair your Alexa with a Samsung SmartThings hub to add Z-Wave compatibility to your smart home system.

Building a smart home with Alexa

If you’re building a smart home around an Echo smart home hub, you’ll have access to a wider range of smart home equipment than with the Google Home  or the Apple HomePod. So why not get started making your home safer, smarter, and more convenient?