AVG Reviews: Is the Antivirus Giant a Go?

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The bottom line

AVG Antivirus offers decent protection from viruses and other malware but lacks standby features like parental control.

AVG Antivirus offers customizable antivirus protection with original features but lacks some of the basics. The good: you can expect goodies like access to an advanced AI that proactively identifies malware that hasn’t been cataloged. The bad: you won’t get must-haves like access to a basic VPN or parental control.

Read on to see whether one of AVG’s plans is the right fit for you.

Compare AVG antivirus plans

*Standard retail prices as of 7/21/2019. Prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by retailer.
**AVG offers free antivirus coverage only for Macs, which is bundled into its higher-tier packages.

Pros and cons of AVG antivirus programs

  • Pro BulletCoverage for all PCs in your household
  • Pro BulletOptional protection for PC, Mac, or Android
  • Pro BulletUser-friendly interface
  • Con BulletExpensive pricing
  • Con BulletVPN sold separately
  • Con BulletLimited coverage for Macs
  • Con BulletNo option for parental control

AVG Antivirus Free review

AVG’s free edition offers fundamental antivirus protection. It does the usual: stops viruses, spyware, and other malware with real-time protection; blocks potentially malicious links, downloads, and email attachments; and provides security updates to keep your PC running smoothly.

Features and flaws

With AVG Antivirus Free you won’t get a ton of extra features, but you’ll get a solid malware-fighting base. That includes a file shredder—a tool that securely and permanently deletes unwanted files from your PC, Mac, or Android devices—and a performance scan.

AVG’s performance scan looks for health problems on your PC, like adware or other applications you may have unknowingly downloaded. But AVG Antivirus Free can only highlight those issues. In order to actually do something about it, you’ll have to download AVG TuneUp, which costs $49.99 per year after a free trial.

AVG has fewer unique features than its competitors, and that includes Avast. As AVG Antivirus Free and Avast Free Antivirus are owned by the same company, the two brands have a lot of basics in common. But Avast has more features, including a Wi-Fi inspector that automatically detects any weaknesses in your Wi-Fi network and a password manager to keep your logins and credit card information safe. It’s also got a Do Not Disturb mode, so you won’t be distracted by popups when you’re reminiscing with your Sims. If you’re looking for something more feature-rich, Avast is the way to go.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: AVG Antivirus Free covers the basics, offering decent malware protection without a ton of frills. If you like AVG’s features but want a little bit more oomph, Avast may be the better choice.

>>Simple protection for your PC. Get AVG Antivirus Free.

AVG Internet Security review

AVG Internet Security is much more robust than the free version. A yearly subscription gives you access to advanced perks like ransomware encryption, an enhanced two-way firewall, and payment protection to help you shop safely.

Features and flaws

AVG Internet Security has some impressive features, like an advanced AI that identifies and stops new malicious software that hasn’t been cataloged. You’ll also get access to phishing and spam protection for your email. AVG integrates with email clients like Microsoft Outlook to automatically send any phishing or spam messages into a separate folder.

Internet Security’s enhanced firewall also protects you from hacker attacks. The firewall works in two ways. First, it blocks attacks from hackers who attempt to steal your private files, like sensitive documents or photos. Secondly, it makes sure that programs running on your system aren’t misusing your internet connection.

Plus, if you’re looking for an antivirus program for Android, you’re in luck. AVG Internet Security lets you lock private apps and photos on your phone, keeps potential thieves away from your personal information, and lets you locate your phone if it’s stolen (or if you can’t remember whether or not you left it in the car again).

Although AVG includes PCs, Macs, and Android devices in its covered devices, your Mac won’t get the same coverage as your Windows computer—AVG covers Macs only in its free, basic suite.


AVG Internet Security covers up to 10 devices for $79.99 a year. That’s pretty in line with the higher tiers of other antivirus programs—both Bitdefender Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security are the same price—but AVG offers a little less.

At the same level as AVG Internet Security, Bitdefender and Kaspersky offer bonuses like parental control and limited VPN access. Both also offer a significant discount for your first year as a subscriber.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: AVG Internet Security is pretty comparable to other big-name antivirus suites—looking at you, Kaspersky—although it’s a bit pricier considering its coverage. Still, it makes a great fit if you’re looking for malware protection for multiple PCs and Android devices.

>>A sense of security. Get AVG Internet Security.

AVG Ultimate review

AVG Ultimate combines the features of AVG Internet Security with AVG TuneUp (a $49.99/year value). TuneUp optimizes your PC’s performance by uninstalling software you don’t need and removing junk files to free up space.  You won’t get any more antivirus protection, but you’ll get some tools to help your PC run smoothly.

Features and flaws

Technically, AVG Ultimate doesn’t offer any additional antivirus protection. But it will help improve the speed and battery life of your PC by addressing bugs, crashes, and freezes. It can be a good get if you want to protect your computer from malware threats and encourage your programs to load faster.

TuneUp optimizes your PC’s performance by uninstalling software you don’t need and removing junk files to free up space.


AVG Ultimate covers an unlimited number of devices and is priced at $99.99 per year. That puts it in line with the highest tiers of antivirus brands like Norton.

But Norton 360 Deluxe—also priced at $99.99 per year and covering up to five PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets—offers more perks than AVG Ultimate that work to keep you safe online. Norton gives you access to a secure VPN, 50 GB worth of cloud backup for important files, and dark web monitoring from LifeLock.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: If you’re concerned about antivirus protection and keeping your computer running as smoothly as possible, AVG Ultimate could be a good fit. It doesn’t have as many virus-fighting features as the competition, but the addition of AVG TuneUp is a definite bonus.

>>Clean it up. Get AVG Ultimate.

AVG add-ons

In addition to its antivirus packages, AVG has a few add-ons to keep you safe when you’re online. Here are our favorites.

AVG Secure VPN

AVG’s VPN isn’t included in any of its antivirus packages, but it’s available separately for $79.99 per year and covers up to five PC, Mac, Android, or iOS devices. It secures the Wi-Fi network you’re using so your browsing, banking, and online payments are always protected, whether you’re lounging at home or hanging at your local coffee shop.

It also gives you unrestricted world access so you can pick a country and surf the web as if you were there. That can definitely open up the possibilities when you’ve already seen every romantic comedy on Netflix in the US.

AVG AntiTrack

At $39.99 per year, AVG AntiTrack keeps your identity safe from online tracking techniques. It clears tracking cookies from your PC and stops targeted ads, so those shoes you were searching for on Google won’t show up on your Instagram.

AVG Secure Browser

AVG Secure Browser is a free download that automatically blocks ads and keeps your browsing history private. It blocks malicious websites, helps you manage your passwords, allows you to browse anonymously, and more. You’ll never have to use Internet Explorer again.

AVG Remover

AVG Remover, also called AVG Clear, is a program that helps you uninstall AVG products from your computer. It’s an easy-to-use tool that’s available if your AVG uninstall or repair fails.

Customer service

AVG offers two tiers of support: standard and premium support. For standard support, AVG offers a DIY approach. You can find solutions searching by topic or by typing “How to install AVG” into the search bar on the AVG support page.

AVG’s premium support offers free consultations and diagnoses, but fixing issues will cost you. AVG charges $79 per call for one-time help with simple issues like basic software setup, and $119 per call for more advanced help like virus and malware removal or email configuration. We don’t love the idea of a company that charges for customer service, especially considering its plans are already on the expensive side.

AVG vs. the competition

*Standard retail prices as of 7/21/2019. Prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by retailer.

AVG is priced competitively with other brands, and it covers more devices than other companies at the same tier. But overall it’s missing some essentials like parental control and VPN access. Brands like Bitdefender and Kaspersky offer 200 to 300 MB of encrypted network per device per day. AVG offers VPN access only as an add-on and unlimited access for $79.99 per year. That’s pretty steep.

To read more about how AVG compares to other antivirus programs, check out our list of the best antivirus protection for PC.

Frequently asked questions

What is AVG antivirus?

AVG antivirus is a family of antivirus software that helps keep your devices secure and protects them from spyware, viruses, and other malware.

Is AVG antivirus safe?

AVG is a safe and legitimate antivirus software. It’s one of the top-ranked antivirus solutions, and it’s been in the malware-fighting business since 1992.

Is AVG Antivirus good?

AVG offers reliable antivirus coverage with features like a file shredder to better protect your privacy and a robust two-way firewall to keep your PC safe from potential hackers. Still, it’s missing out when it comes to essentials like parental monitoring at its highest tiers, and unique additional features like a Do Not Disturb mode at its lowest tier.

For a more comprehensive antivirus solution, we recommend Bitdefender. You’ll get solid malware protection with unique features plus access to 24/7 customer support.

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If you’re looking for solid no-cost protection, we recommend Avast Free. It’s one of the best free antivirus programs available, and you’ll get access to basic antivirus protection plus thoughtful perks like a Wi-Fi protector and a password manager.

>>Break free. Get Avast Free here.