LastPass Review: The Best Free Password Manager

We reviewed the prices and features and we stand by our review of LastPass.
Best overall value
Our rating:
4.8 out of 5.0
4.8 out of 5 stars4.8
  • Free plans available
  • Syncing across devices, even with free account
  • Multi-factor authentication
The bottom line

At its free tier, LastPass offers advanced features and lets you sync between devices. At its premium level, you’ll get extra perks like emergency access and encrypted storage. Either way, you’ll never have to memorize multiple passwords again.

LastPass is a password manager that lets you generate, manage, and access all of your passwords across multiple devices. So if you use a Mac at home and a PC at work, you can login and order from Grubhub no matter where you are. It also keeps sensitive information—like credit card numbers and a copy of your passport—organized and encrypted so you’ll always have a backup copy.

As long as you have a compatible device (LastPass covers Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices), there are two ways to manage your passwords with LastPass. You can install a LastPass browser extension onto most popular browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari. And if you’re using a phone or tablet, you can download LastPass via its Password Manager app, available on Android and iOS devices and Windows phones.

More than likely, you’ll be using a little bit of both to manage your passwords and sync them between devices: a task that LastPass makes very, very easy.

Ahead, we’re looking at LastPass, its plans, and how it compares to other secure password generators.

Pros and cons of LastPass

  • Pro BulletAffordable pricing
  • Pro BulletSupport for all major OS and browsers
  • Pro BulletMulti-factor authentication
  • Pro BulletSyncing across devices with LastPass Free
  • Pro Bullet1GB of encrypted file storage with higher tiers
  • Con BulletLimited password sharing without subscription
  • Con BulletOffline use limited to subscribers

What is the best password manager?

LastPass offers super comprehensive password management software, some of the most feature-rich on the market. Its free version is especially impressive. LastPass Free supports multiple devices and all major browsers. Plus, it offers advanced features like syncing between devices and two-factor authentication. Other brands offer those perks at only their paid tiers, making LastPass Free a great value.

Still, if you’re looking for a password manager with specific features, there are plenty of options. If you’re looking to keep your passwords and logins safe while you’re at a friend’s destination wedding in Hawaii, 1Password offers a travel mode to keep your critical information secure. And although Dashlane is one of the most expensive password managers, it also offers some solid identity protection with its services.

To learn more about how LastPass compares to the competition, check out our ranking of best password managers.

LastPass Free vs. Premium vs. Family

*Standard retail prices as of 12/30/2019. Prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by retailer.

LastPass Free review

LastPass Free
  • Browser extension
  • Syncs across unlimited devices
  • Password generator

Why we recommend LastPass Free

Compared to other free password managers, LastPass has some impressive value. It does some of the heavy lifting for you by syncing and generating passwords, whereas KeePass (another free password manager) offers a customizable DIY approach. If you’re technically savvy and don’t mind manually syncing your devices, it could be a good option. But for most users, we think LastPass is the better bet. 

Standout features

Once you’ve created a LastPass login with a super strong master password, you can access your passwords on all your devices. So even if you’re on an iPhone, a PC, or a tablet, you can log in and watch Netflix. And with LastPass Free, sensitive information—think passports and credit card numbers—is kept organized and encrypted so those backup copies are neat and protected. 

Browser extension

LastPass Free works on all major browser extensions, so whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Opera, your passwords are covered.

Password syncing

While other free password management tools limit you to one device and a certain number of passwords, LastPass Free lets you sync across an unlimited amount of devices with as many passwords as you need.

One-to-one sharing

Need to share your Netflix password with your new roommate? LastPass Free allows you to share an item from your vault with one other person (so they can get easy access to old episodes of Cheers).

Password generator

In this day and age, strong passwords are a must. If you’re signing up for a new streaming subscription or revamping your old passwords, LastPass will create new, strong passwords for you and fill them in when you need them. It’ll also audit your accounts and update old passwords, whether they’re weak, have been recently breached, or are just old.

Multi-factor authentication
LastPass Free also offers two-factor authentication to keep your accounts secure. For access, you can download LastPass Authenticator on your Android or iOS device, but if you’re already using a third-party authenticator, like Google Authenticator, you can still use that too.

What is two-factor authentication?

Think of two-factor authentication (also known as multi-factor authentication or two-step verification) as a second, secure layer for your online accounts. It combines something you know, like your password, with something you have, like your phone. So if someone knows your password but they don’t have your phone—or the secure access code sent to your phone that verifies your identity—they won’t be able to log into your account.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: LastPass Free is a cross-platform password manager that offers a lot of advanced features, as long as you don’t need to share your passwords with a ton of different people. You’ll be able to sync your passwords on an unlimited number of devices and get help generating new ones without paying anything. It’s a great value.

LastPass Premium review

LastPass Premium
Plans start at 
  • Give someone emergency access
  • Advanced multi-factor authentication
  • Encrypted file storage

Why we recommend LastPass Premium

LastPass Premium ups the ante with one-to-many sharing, advanced multi-factor authentication options, and emergency access—so no matter where you are, someone you trust can access your most important information. And if you don’t know whether you want to commit to a paid password management tool, a subscription includes a 30-day free trial so you can see whether it’s a good fit.

Standout features

With LastPass Premium, you’ll get priority tech support and access to LastPass Pocket, a feature that lets you connect to your LastPass vault offline and gives you some backup capabilities.

One-to-many sharing
With one-to-many sharing on LastPass Premium, you can share any one item with multiple people.

Emergency access
Emergency access ensures someone always has access to your LastPass Premium account—but not your master password—in case of emergency.

Advanced multi-factor authentication
At the premium level, LastPass lets you choose your second layer of authentication. You can use a third-party authentication tool, YubiKey (a physical multifactor key for your desktop or laptop), a USB drive on a compatible device, or a fingerprint on your mobile device.

Encrypted file storage
LastPass Premium also gives you access to one gigabyte of encrypted file storage so you can create and secure a digital backup of sensitive documents, like your passport or Social Security card, that are attached to your account.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: LastPass Premium is a solid password manager with handy advanced features like encrypted file storage and emergency access. Its price has gone up in the last couple of years, but as long as its price doesn’t continue to rise, we recommend it as a solid, affordable password protection option.

>>Premium protection. Get LastPass Premium.

LastPass Family review

LastPass Family
Plans start at 
  • Group and share unlimited passwords
  • Allows up to six premium licenses

Why we recommend LastPass Family

LastPass Family gives you the option to protect more than just yourself. You’ll get six premium licenses to share with your family and close friends, plus all the perks included in LastPass’s premium tier.

Standout features

LastPass Family allows you to group and share an unlimited number of items—whether they be passwords or passports—in a convenient folder so you can control access and keep your sensitive information secure. It’s an especially convenient feature when you need a bunch of information in one place, like your family’s passport information for a big international trip.

LastPass Family also allows you to share an unlimited number of passwords or password folders between everyone on the plan. That’s helpful if you have a shared family account somewhere, like Spotify, and you want to share the password securely.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: LastPass Family is a great option if you want to keep passwords secure in your household, whether with family or friends. Use it to share passwords for streaming and to keep critical documents secure in encrypted storage.

>>Premium protection. Get LastPass Family.

LastPass pricing

LastPass Premium price

In the last few years, the price for LastPass Premium has gone up quite a bit. As recently as 2016, a premium subscription was priced at $12 a year.

Still, at its current pricing—$36 per year, or $3 per month—it’s still roughly the same price as 1Password’s premium service and over $20 cheaper than Dashlane Premium.

LastPass Family price

At $48 annually, LastPass Family is a pretty good value. It’s cheaper than 1Password’s Family Plan, which will set you back about $60 a year, but it’s also pricier than Roboform’s Family plan, which covers up to five people for roughly $36 per year.

Customer service


If you have any issues, LastPass suggests you search a question on its online support page. If the article doesn’t answer your question, you can select the Contact Support option to get in touch with customer care. However, there doesn’t appear to be any specific hours for customer support.

What customers are saying about brand

After scouring reviews online, it seems that most LastPass customers are happy with the services that LastPass provides, particularly with the ability to sync between different devices.

The most common complaint is LastPass’s recent price increases. Some customers report getting charged $36 without any notice after years of paying $12.

LastPass vs. Keeper vs. 1Password vs. Dashlane

*Standard retail prices as of 12/30/2019. Prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by retailer.

Most password manager brands have a lot in common. They allow you to manage and sync your passwords, no matter what device you’re using. But each brand has its own standout feature.

LastPass Premium boats emergency access, which is a good just-in-case to have if there’s ever an emergency. Keeper offers advanced security with lots of two-factor authentication options. 1Password offers travel mode, which removes sensitive data from your devices when you travel. Dashlane Premium helps monitor your identity with dark web monitoring and a virtual private network (VPN). That way, your personal information stays personal, whether you’re shopping online at home or at your local coffee shop.

Is LastPass better than 1Password?

Both LastPass and 1Password are strong password managers. It mostly depends on what you’re looking for.

If a no-cost password manager with advanced features is more your speed, LastPass Free will be the better choice. You’ll be able to sync across all of your devices and you’ll have access to a secure password vault, a password generator, and two-factor authentication. Plus, you can use LastPass’s Secure Notes feature to save private information, like credit card numbers, directly to your vault.

But if you don’t mind paying for your password protection and you want some extra security features, consider 1Password. It covers the same essentials as LastPass Free, but you’ll also get access to 1Password’s travel mode, extra customization for creating passwords, and a Secret Key. Your Secret Key is downloaded directly onto your device, and you need it to access any of your passwords. It’s a cool additional feature that makes it harder for strangers to break into your password vault.

Frequently asked questions

Is LastPass safe to use?

LastPass keeps your information protected in a couple of different ways. One is with two- and multi-factor authentication. With LastPass Free, you can download LastPass Authenticator or you can go with a third-party authentication app. Premium users get access to LastPass Sesame, LastPass’s two-step verification feature, plus compatibility with multi-factor authentication tools like YubiKey and fingerprint recognition.

Additionally, LastPass keeps your data secure locally—a.k.a. on your device—with AES-256 bit encryption, the highest encryption standard. The brand also adheres to SOC 2 and SOC 3 compliance standards, with a third-party auditor approving the security of LastPass’s products and infrastructure.

What is SOC 2 compliance?

SOC 2 is a set of requirements that cloud-based services are required to meet to ensure both security and privacy. If a brand is SOC 2 compliant, it means they’ve been rigorously tested for security and privacy and have passed.

Still, LastPass does have a history of data breaches. The most recent one was in June 2015, when the company was the target of a hack that accessed user email addresses and encrypted master passwords.¹ LastPass said the breach made users with weak passwords the most vulnerable.

Is LastPass Premium worth it?

If you’re interested in letting someone close to you have emergency access to your LastPass account and you need a secure place to keep a backup of important files like your passport, LastPass Premium is a great value. But if you’re more interested in managing your passwords day to day and don’t need to share your usernames and passwords with multiple people, LastPass Free will be fine.

Our recommendation

Most password managers have a lot of the same features, but it’s important to choose one that works best for your lifestyle. For most people, we think LastPass Free will hit all the marks. You’ll get an impressive batch of features—including syncing across devices and two-factor authentication—at no cost. And if you can live without a few extra features, LastPass Free is as comprehensive as some of the paid tiers of its competition.

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