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Bay Alarm Medical Reviews: Our #3 Medical Alert System in 2019

Update as of April 2019: Bay Medical Alarm GPS devices are waterproof (a major issue we noted in the review below) and we are working on an update to reflect this information.

Overall rating

4.2/ 5

Bay Alarm Medical's In-Home systems come with lifetime warranties while the GPS system has only a year warranty. The GPS option also isn’t waterproof so it cannot be worn in the shower, where commonly falls occur. We docked them a little for this, but the GPS version is still one of the more appealing options Bay Alarm Medical has to offer.

Customer service & reputation

Equipment quality

Equipment warranty

Equipment technology


Bay Alarm Medical's In-Home systems come with lifetime warranties while the GPS system has only a year warranty. The GPS option also isn’t waterproof so it cannot be worn in the shower, where commonly falls occur. We docked them a little for this, but the GPS version is still one of the more appealing options Bay Alarm Medical has to offer.


  • 14-day trial period
  • No contracts
  • Notifies emergency contacts in the case of an emergency
  • Discounts for AARP, AAA, and USAA members
  • Supports more than 170 languages
  • Free spouse monitoring coverage (must purchase second pendant)
  • Two CSAA Five Diamond Certified call centers
  • Phone, FAQs and email support


  • Fall Detection Button is not available for Mobile GPS
  • Live chat response can be slow
  • In-Home Cellular and Mobile GPS packages don’t work in areas without AT&T or T-Mobile coverage

Bay Alarm Medical brings nearly 70 years of experience to the medical alert system field and is one reason why we ranked them #3 in our annual best medical alert system review in 2019. Most of us are stubborn and full of pride in our independence, but there comes a time where we need to be careful and take precautions. Those of us who live alone, have an illness, are getting older, or just want that peace of mind will benefit from a medical alert system. So let’s explore our options in this Bay Alarm Medical Review.

Bay Alarm Medical Pricing & Packages

Bay Alarm Medical offers three different packages shown in the table below. The first two packages can have the Automatic Fall Detection Button available for an additional fee. You’ll notice in the table there are three different pricing options for each package: monthly, quarterly and semi-annually. If you commit to a longer term you pay less because they give you a discount. However, we want to mention that Bay Alarm Medical does not offer refunds if you cancel your prepaid service before the term has ended. So if you sign your loved one up for a semiannual plan (six months) and they pass away, you are not refunded money for the unused prepaid time.

Bay Alarm Medical Packages

In-Home Medical AlertMobile GPS Help Button
Price Monthly$19.95/month$29.95/month
Price Quarterly$59.85/3 months$89.95/3 months
Price Semi-Annually$119.70/6 months$179.70/6 months
Equipment FeeNone$80
WarrantyLifetime1 Year
Battery Life32 hour backup (in the case of a power outage)72 hours
Extended Service Plan (protect device from damages)N/A$49.95 (one-time charge)
Cellular NetworkN/AT-Mobile
Waterproof Pendant (can be worn in shower)YesWater Resistant
Range1,000 feetN/A
Landline RequiredYesNo
System Used to Answer a Phone CallYesNo
Price Monthly
Price Quarterly
Price Semi-Annually
Equipment Fee
Battery Life
Extended Service Plan (protect device from damages)
Cellular Network
Waterproof Pendant (can be worn in shower)
Landline Required
System Used to Answer a Phone Call
In-Home Medical Alert Mobile GPS Help Button
$19.95/month $29.95/month
$59.85/3 months $89.95/3 months
$119.70/6 months $179.70/6 months
None $80
Lifetime 1 Year
32 hour backup (in the case of a power outage) 72 hours
N/A $49.95 (one-time charge)
N/A T-Mobile
Yes Water Resistant
1,000 feet N/A
Yes No
Yes No

Automatic Fall Detection Button

Bay Alarm Medical Reviews

Positive Reviews

The personnel at Bay Alarm Medical are always courteous and sincere about my welfare. Bay Alarm saved my life last March. I have asthma and had had a heart attack 8 years ago. I suddenly couldn’t breathe & couldn’t find my inhaler. I pushed the button & woke up on life support two weeks later. I was told the paramedics found me on the floor with no pulse. The hospital found my lung had collapsed. Everyone praised Bay Alarm Medical – including the EMT’s and my family. – Sophia, Consumer Affairs 9/9/2015

Could not be happier than I am with this company and its’ service!!! Right from the start they were honest, upfront and professional and answered all my questions and concerns! Even after reading some of the negative reviews I emailed my concerns to my rep and received a phone call from his supervisor less than ten minutes after my email was sent and she addressed my concerns about the negative reviews!! If you take the time to send out all this negativity I am sure you don’t spend a quarter of that time sending out positive reviews!! My thanks to Bryan and his supervisor for assuring me of your service and you excellent professional customer service!!! -Jeff, Yelp 1/15/2016

Negative Reviews

My mom had to be put into assisted living where they have their own alarm devices, so my mom did not need the Bay Alarm device any longer! I called to cancel with Bay Alarm! I had just paid the $239.40 for the year 2 months prior! Not only was I told that I would not be getting a refund for the year I paid, but I also had to pay to ship the base unit and the neck alarm back to Bay Alarm! Also if they did not receive the unit it would be a $200 equipment fee. What a nice friendly company to be dealing with the elderly!! -Paul, Consumer Affairs 11/2/2015

This is a terrible company. I had to go through the credit card’s dispute program to stop them from charging my card after I returned the device. After I won the dispute, they tried to send bills directly to me. Please read all of the bad reviews here and go with a more reputable company even if it costs a little more. You will have better results. I went through a long drawn-out process with the company, the credit card company, and the BBB who gave this company an “A” rating and did little to settle the dispute. I’m just telling it the way it was for me so you don’t end up pulling your hair out with frustration like I did. -David, Yelp 1/10/2016

U.S. Call Centers

Bay Alarm Medical has three call centers, located in California, Utah, and Idaho. The California location is the company’s headquarters and where Bay Alarm Medical handles day-to-day operations as well as customer service, technical support, consultations, and more. The Utah and Idaho locations serve as emergency medical monitoring centers. Both are CSAA Five Diamond Certified and are available 24/7. If one station were to go offline, the other station would be able to provide emergency coverage. This is a huge pro.

Testing the System

Bay Alarm Medical makes sure your system is up and running by checking the device’s signal at the end of every week. They also recommend you test your system once a month by pressing the emergency button and waiting for a dispatcher to respond, then telling your dispatcher you are just testing your system. This way you know someone is looking out for you when you need it.

Who is Bay Alarm Medical Right For?

Are you researching Bay Alarm Medical for yourself or a close friend or family member? Think about the types of things you want in a medical alert system. Don’t settle for anything less than what you (or they) need. We suggest making a list of what you need followed by a “wants” list. This will help you choose the best medical alert system. You can also check out our Best Medical Alert System comparison article to see how Bay Alarm Medical stacks up against the competition.

What does Bay Alarm Medical have that you like? What do you wish they had?

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