LiveWatch vs. Frontpoint: Compare the Best Cellular Security Systems


In this article, we compare LiveWatch to Frontpoint head to head so you can see where their similarities and differences lie. You’ll see that they offer many similar features but where they differ is their reputations and customer service. Both are still good, but one is just a bit better than the other. We hope that our comparison will help you find a security company you are happy with, not only price wise but also service wise.

Key Differences: LiveWatch vs. Frontpoint


This is one of the biggest differences between these two companies. Frontpoint requires a three-year contract while LiveWatch requires only one year. The norm for home security systems is three years, so we like that LiveWatch doesn’t lock you in for years of service and they let you decide if you’d like to carry on your service after a year.


Both companies have a very similar installation process, which is super easy. All plans offered are DIY (self-installed)  and there is no option for a professional to install your system. This means that neither company charges an installation fee. Both systems are preconfigured, which saves you time during the installation process. After you’ve installed your system you then call a rep from the company to run some tests to make sure it’s been installed properly.


Both LiveWatch and Frontpoint systems are 100% cellular, which is that safest and best form of monitoring. The other two monitoring options are broadband and landline. With these systems you can lose connection to the monitoring station if you lose power or someone cuts your cords. With cellular, this isn’t possible. You are still protected when the lights go out and in general, these systems are more dependable

Customer service and reputation

Frontpoint takes the cake on this one. Since the beginning, Frontpoint has had outstanding customer service, making its reputation unbeatable. On the occasion when Frontpoint does receive a complaint, its customer service team is great at resolving it. Also, from our experience, they truly want to help you find a home security solution. Frontpoint is not one of those companies with high-pressure sales tactics.

On the other hand, LiveWatch’s customer service and reputation are no match to Frontpoint’s. The ratio for negative comments is a bit higher for LiveWatch than it is for Frontpoint.


The table below shows a comparison of LiveWatch and Frontpoint’s packages. Both companies offer different options at various price points. Some key differences you’ll see are that LiveWatch offers a lower monthly monitoring fee but has higher equipment fees and charges an activation fee. Frontpoint has more equipment to choose from while LiveWatch requires that you buy any home automation equipment through another Z-Wave seller.

*Starting equipment monthly cost as low as $10 a month with consumer financing through Bread, which allows you to pay for your equipment over the length of your contract. Rates vary based on creditworthiness. 

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