We’re Asking Tinder to Protect Users from Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals

ASecureLife Change.Org Petition

More than likely, you—or someone you know— has used Tinder. The popular online dating app has been bringing people together since 2012. But as with all online dating formats, it comes with a risk.

In 2017, a 24-year-old woman’s body was found in a field after her Tinder date with a man who had previous convictions. And earlier this year, a woman in Salt Lake City, Utah, was killed by a registered sex offender who was active on Tinder. Is there a way for Tinder to lead the charge to make dating app usage safer?

We think yes. That’s why we’ve started a petition on Change.org, asking Tinder to prioritize user safety and take steps to protect users from sex offenders and other violent criminals. Keeping users safe is a problem facing all online dating apps. But Tinder, as one of the most-used online dating apps, is in the unique position of sparking change.
Where Tinder falls behind
Tinder currently has a clause in its terms of use saying that by agreeing to use the app, you “have never been convicted of or pled no contest to a felony, a sex crime, or any crime involving violence, and that you are not required to register as a sex offender with any state, federal or local sex offender registry.” But the app has no way of enforcing that rule.
How Tinder can do better

We’re asking Tinder to take three key steps to keep its users safe:

  1. Tinder’s safety page should include a link to the National Sex Offender Registry for easy reference.
  2. The app should create a system to enforce the aforementioned rule in its user guidelines, either by implementing a system that checks new profiles against local offender registries or by creating a safety team initiative that works with law enforcement and parole officers.
  3. Tinder should create an in-app resource that users can reference for quick access to local sex offender registries in their area.

Tinder has shown in the past that it’s willing to meet the demands of its users. In 2016, the app added a new feature that allows users to find STD testing sites in their area as a way to resolve a dispute with a US sexual health advocacy group. If Tinder is willing to take the next step to protect users from potentially dangerous situations, it could be mutually beneficial for Tinder and for its users.

Join ASecureLife and sign our petition calling on Tinder to protect its users.