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Vivint Equipment and Compatibility

Vivint leads the industry when it comes to equipment—it offers a wider selection of cameras and home automation gear than many competitors. Plus, Vivint systems are compatible with lots of third-party smart home devices. Find out more about Vivint’s equipment selection and compatibility below.

Vivint SmartHub Equipment Image

Vivint equipment

What it looks likePriceLearn more
Smart Hub Control PanelVivint Smart Hub$549.99View Equipment
Ping CameraVivint Ping Camera$199.99View Equipment
Element ThermostatVivint Element Thermostat$169.99View Equipment
Doorbell CameraVivint Doorbell Camera$249.99View Equipment
Outdoor CameraVivint Outdoor Camera$299.99View Equipment
Key FobVivint Key Fob$34.99View Equipment
Smart DriveVivint Smart Drive$249.99View Equipment
Smart Hub Control Panel
Ping Camera
Element Thermostat
Doorbell Camera
Outdoor Camera
Key Fob
Smart Drive
What it looks like Price Learn more
Vivint Smart Hub $549.99 View Equipment
Vivint Ping Camera $199.99 View Equipment
Vivint Element Thermostat $169.99 View Equipment
Vivint Doorbell Camera $249.99 View Equipment
Vivint Outdoor Camera $299.99 View Equipment
Vivint Key Fob $34.99 View Equipment
Vivint Smart Drive $249.99 View Equipment

Additional Vivint devices

  • Door/window sensor: $50.00
  • Recessed door sensor: $34.99
  • Motion sensor: $100.00
  • Glass break detector: $100.00
  • Tilt sensor: $34.99
  • Freeze sensor: $69.99
  • Flood sensor: $69.99
  • Smoke detector: $100.00
  • Carbon monoxide detector: $100.00
  • Smart door lock: $159.99
  • Appliance control module: $49.99
  • Garage door controller: $99.00
  • Medical pendant: $34.99

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Vivint equipment overview

Vivint’s equipment is a bit pricier than some competitors, but it’s high quality and you get a huge selection of motion sensors, door locks, security cameras, and garage door openers.

Plus, since Vivint provides professional installation, you don’t have to handle any complex setup yourself. If you have questions about where a sensor should be placed or how a camera works, you can just ask the person setting things up in your home.

Compatible third-party equipment

What it looks likePriceShop now
Google HomeGoogle Home$129.99Shop Now
Amazon Echo PlusAmazon Alexa$149.99Shop Now
Nest ThermostatNest Thermostat$249.99Shop Now
Philips Hue Starter KitPhilips Hue Lights$99.99Shop Now
Google Home
Amazon Echo Plus
Nest Thermostat
Philips Hue Starter Kit
What it looks like Price Shop now
Google Home $129.99 Shop Now
Amazon Alexa $149.99 Shop Now
Nest Thermostat $249.99 Shop Now
Philips Hue Lights $99.99 Shop Now

Data effective as of 2/20/2019. Prices may vary depending on retailer.

Vivint equipment compatibility overview

Vivint produces a lot of its own smart home automation equipment, but you can also add third-party gear to your system. Vivint is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Z-Wave devices like smart locks, thermostats, smart speakers, and smart outlets.

Vivint Smart Home Doorbell and Door Lock

Our recommendation

Vivint’s top-notch equipment makes it one of our favorite security companies. If you’ve got room in your budget for a higher-end system, it’s well worth the investment.

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