Where Should I Put Security Cameras?

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Where to place security cameras

  • Above your main entrance
  • Near the back door and side doors
  • Above a basement entrance
  • Next to the garage or pointed at your driveway
  • Near easily accessible windows (e.g., first-floor windows, low basement windows)
  • Above entrances to separate buildings (e.g., shed, detached garage, guest house)
  • Facing your pool
  • Pointed at your backyard
  • In areas of the home that could be dangerous for small children (e.g., garage, storage room, workshop, etc.)


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Where to install home security cameras in your home

Start by installing a security camera above your front door; a visible security camera can help discourage burglaries and capture footage if someone does ever break into your home. Plus, with a front door security camera and a smart lock, you can check to see who’s at your front door while you’re at work or let your friends in to water your plants while you're on vacation.

Once your main entrance is secured, install security cameras near other potential entrances, including your back door, garage, side doors, first-floor windows, and basement windows.

After installing cameras to deter would-be burglars, consider installing extra cameras to protect your kids and pets.

Pro Tip
Security cameras aren’t just for preventing burglary. Install motion sensor cameras in areas of your home that are off-limits to kids so you’ll know immediately if they end up somewhere that could be dangerous.

Wondering where to start? We suggest adding a security camera to any area that could be dangerous for small children or animals.

Security camera placement ideas to keep kids and pets safe

  • Near your pool
  • In your backyard
  • On any separate building (tool shed, workshop, etc.)
  • In your storage room
  • Inside your garage
  • Next to your gun safe
  • Near power tools or cleaning supplies

Outdoor security camera placement tips

  • Place cameras out of reach (about nine feet off the ground) to prevent tampering.
  • Make sure your front door security camera is visible to discourage would-be burglars.
  • Consider placing them near motion sensor lights for more visibility, even if they are HD security cameras with night vision.
  • When possible, install cameras somewhere partially sheltered to protect from rain and snow.
  • Install wired security cameras close to a power outlet.
  • Make sure wireless and IP security cameras have a strong internet signal before you permanently mount them.

Indoor security camera placement tips

  • Place motion sensor indoor cameras up high so pets are less likely to set them off.
  • Avoid permanently mounting indoor security cameras. You may want to move cameras around if you rearrange your furniture, convert your nursery to a storage room, or start storing cleaning supplies in a new area.
  • Place some indoor security cameras out of sight so if someone does break into your home they won’t notice the camera capturing footage.

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