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AT&T Digital Life Review: Great Equipment, High Price Tag

AT&T Digital Life


AT&T Digital Life offers solid options for home security packages. Unlike other telecom companies, AT&T Digital Life lets you use its security systems without being an AT&T customer for cable or internet service. AT&T also offers à la carte options so you can customize your home security package to fit your needs.

Unfortunately, that flexibility comes at a steep price. At $39.99 a month, AT&T Digital Life’s entry-level package is notably pricier than most security-only companies’ cheapest packages. On top of that, AT&T Digital Life will also charge you an up-front one-time equipment fee starting at $549.99.

AT&T’s two-year contract is shorter than a lot of security companies’, but if you cancel early, you’ll be charged a pretty hefty early termination fee. That could certainly put a damper on things, depending on your budget.

AT&T Digital Life Pros and cons


  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Free professional installation
  • Remote access on any device
  • Home automation integration


  • Steep fees for starting service and early termination
  • Credit approval required for contract

Compare plans

Smart SecuritySmart Security and AutomationPremium Security and Automation
One-time equipment fee$549.99$549.99$849.99
Professional monitoring
Remote door access
Video monitoring
Thermostat control
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One-time equipment fee
Professional monitoring
Remote door access
Video monitoring
Thermostat control
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Smart Security Smart Security and Automation Premium Security and Automation
$39.99/mo. $54.99/mo. $64.99/mo.
$549.99 $549.99 $849.99
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Data effective 10/25/2018. Offers subject to change.


AT&T Digital Life offers three packages, all of which require credit approval and cost a bit more than average. No matter what package you choose, you’ll have to pay up front for all your security equipment—$549.99 for the first- and second-tier packages, and $849.99 for the premium package.

If you’re looking at the Smart Security package, we suggest ordering with a representative over the phone.

If you’re looking at the Smart Security package, we suggest ordering with a representative over the phone. Even though you can order the package online, when we called, the one-time equipment fee dropped from $549.99 to $349.99. So even if you loathe talking on the phone, saving $200 is worth it in our book.

The prices for AT&T’s home security offerings get steeper if you add extra security equipment to your package. If you wanted to add a video camera to your Smart Security package, for example, your monthly fee would go up by only $9.99—but you’d be responsible for a one-time equipment fee of $199.99 up front.

Because of that, we recommend being absolutely sure about choosing AT&T before you commit to a contract. As soon as 14 days after installation, choosing early termination will cost you around $640 for the most basic package. If you do cancel before your 14 days are up, you may have to pay a $99 restocking fee for all equipment you return.

Features and equipment

The equipment included with an AT&T Digital Life security system is pretty standard. But one particular bright spot among its offerings is the conversion kit. For $99.99, you may be able to reuse your preexisting wired door and window sensors with your new AT&T security system.

During installation, your technician will let you know what can and cannot be used with the kit—it can be a great way to save a little coin and make use of preexisting security equipment.

Customer service

Feedback on customer service for AT&T Digital Life is mixed. While the equipment is high quality, some customers complain about poor installation procedures, high costs, and extra fees.

Customer service can also be spotty. In terms of convenience, AT&T excels. It offers customer service specifically aimed at Digital Life customers 24/7 with options to call or chat online. In my own experience, chatting online was straightforward: there wasn’t a long wait time, and my representative was knowledgeable.

It looks like AT&T is betting on customers to call in or chat with their representatives too. Only the most basic security package is listed online, and to get any information about the other two, you have to open an online chat or call the AT&T Digital Life customer service number.

Our recommendation

AT&T Digital Life offers a solid service as far as home security goes. But the name recognition is doing most of the work. If you want the same equipment quality with more flexible contract terms and state-of-the-art home automation capabilities, you’re better off with Vivint. You’ll get more comprehensive security for the same amount of money, if not less.

How do you think AT&T Digital Life compares to our best home security systems? Tell us in the comments!

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201 responses to “AT&T Digital Life Review: Great Equipment, High Price Tag”

  1. ATT digital is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They have only caused a headache, money and stress to my entire family. The system has not worked one too many times putting us at danger considering they are a home security system. There is such a high cancellation fee that you are stuck no matter how bad their service. I cancelled today finally and my thermostat will not work. And it’s hot out. I called and they will not help at all. I was never told when purchasing that this would happen. I am reading online very many similar stories. They are a heartless company and should NOT be in the business of protecting people’s homes and families.

    • Hey Sarah, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your feedback helps us with future edits in deciding how/ where to rank AT&T Digital Life. You mentioned you were finally able to cancel, will you be moving to a different security company? If so, which one are you considering?

  2. I have been a customer of AT&T digital life since 2016. I strongly advise consumers to go to a different company that understands security. The people writing the programs do not understand the importance of not having lag when receiving recorded videos in archives and device log. No matter what they do to stop the lag they do not stop the 2 to 3 hour lag it takes to receive recorded videos neither the technicians who have come to my home who say lag is normal or the people on the phone know how to fix the issue. Furthermore you were able to watch all 6 cameras live in 2017, that is no longer an option. With the new update today they have gone one step further to the customers detriment by not being able to see the full view of each camera without putting the video into big picture which means if someone is approaching a different camera you have to make that camera small and move to the next camera which if you are being attacked you will not be able to know it in time . The 2 to 3 hour lag on the system and the fact that you can no longer view all your cameras at once or view them in small picture fully is a security risk to put it mildly. The 3 hour delays who the techs say is normal is a disgrace to the security industry. The new enhancement to the app will also only let you get to your archived 3 hour delayed videos through the device logs which slows you down tremendously when needing to view videos before deleting. The people writing the code need to be fired and the security division needs to be sold off.

    They tried charging me over $500 to transfer services from one address to another. They said I was cancelling a contract when I only wanted to transfer it.

    I also wound up changing batteries in the sensors at lease every two to three months. I even tried swapping out the sensors with new ones and nothing.

  4. I would not recommend AT&T digital life to anyone. The provide the worst level of customer service. When you call in to them, the reps on the phone make it seem like you are bothering them when their equipment is messing up. Then you hold 15 minutes for a supervisor and they say they cant help you. Just the worst out there. ADT offers a much better package.

  5. We bought the system because you were able to see with the night vision. About a year ago, we noticed we couldn’t see anything. They kept telling me to clean my lenses. Did that several times still nothing. They told me I would need to get a bright light to be able to see at night. What? Called today, 6/26/18, and they informed me that they “updated” their systems and night vision was no longer available. They neglected to send out that memo to customers apparently.

  6. They are a rip off. I moved from my house and was very proactive cancelling my service. I kept getting billed…I paid more money and cancelled again. Now a year later they turned my account over to collection saying I still owe them $250. i would never recommend this company to anyone.

    • I am currently having the same issue. The service they provided our family was HORRIBLE. The equipment was faulty; it was constantly offline or beeping. Very dissatisfied.

  7. Faulty equipment, horrible customer service, incompetent installers… I really think their business model is to just collect all the exorbitant cancellation fees once customers realize too late how terrible they are. And this is about securing people’s homes, so it feels very personal. Spread the word. To me, this is not a matter of “shopping around” and finding the best service that “fits your unique needs” or weighing the “pros and cons.” This is a serious matter where a company is masquerading as a home security company but leaving its customers unsafe and vulnerable. I cannot believe they are allowed to continue scamming people like this. We trusted them because we thought, how could a huge titan like AT&T get it wrong? But we never expected they’d get it THIS HORRIBLY WRONG. And I feel like we have no recourse because they’re so huge. At least with a smaller company you can report them to the BBB.

  8. Hi Shayna, thank you for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry to hear you had a negative experience with Digital Life, but appreciate that you took the time to share the specifics as to what went wrong. Your feedback can help someone make their decision in choosing a security company easier. Let us know how you like your experience with your next security service!
    – Amy

  9. Digital life is a fake security company.

    Recently I discovered that one of their new phone numbers was originally an ADT number. That’s not a coincidence. It could’ve been the number from a former insurance agency, telemarketing firm, corporate chain, party hotline, etc. I will never believe that when AT&T was looking for a new phone number they happened to be assigned one that was formerly ADT’s phone number.

    Radio Shack closed over 1000 stores. We once bought security alarms and combination keypads at Radio Shack. They were identical to AT&T’s. Signing up with Digital Life a couple of years ago, they had a great keypad on the door. Signing up again this past year when we moved, they installed a cheaper, lesser keypad. If the company was making money and successful they would either still have the good gear, or improved up on it. They would not downgrade. It’s more than obvious that they stocked up by buying Radio Shack’s surplus out of their closing warehouses.

    Besides buying customers from ADT, and buying gear from a closed electronics chain, AT&T’s customer service is absurd. We had repairmen here 8 times (within a four hour block, of course) just to repair an initial installation that wasn’t done properly. That’s 4 hours on 8 different days. They owe me 32 hours of my time that they owe me. I gave them an invoice, they ripped it up in front of me. Nice.

    Yesterday they were scheduled to come and UNINSTALL this garbage and take it away. They were scheduled from 1-4. Naturally, they don’t want to lose a customer…. so wouldn’t you know they never showed up? Never. No phone call. At 5, an hour past 4, they called and claimed there was a guy here. No there wasn’t. They said he was trying to reach us but could not. No, he didn’t. I’m supposed to believe that his phone couldn’t reach us but the home office could? I may look young but I wasn’t born yesterday, kids.

    This company LIES and they encourage lying. They hire criminals. Our initial installation was made by a criminal. He broke our front door (I MEAN BROKE, maintenance wanted to charge US for the damage) and then he ran off without telling us if he was done or not. He left the front door broken, and the installation incomplete. There was a sealed box here with some of the components he hadn’t installed. That’s called destruction of property, folks. It’s illegal. When we had AT&T send a tech to fix it a day later, we insisted that they do NOT send the same man. I made it very clear that he wasn’t welcome and that if he showed up he would be charged with destruction of property and trespassing. Guess who showed up anyway!

    So if you are foolish enough to believe this fake company is real, go for it. You won’t have security but you’ll pay top dollar and think you do. (If you’re a moron, that is.)

    I’m not an angry, bitter customer. I don’t care. I fired them. I am just telling everyone this has been investigated and it’s all true. Just b because it’s a major company and isn’t in the news doesn’t mean they aren’t conning people. Scams are so popular today that they are out of control. The Feds can’t catch everyone.


  10. If there is any way possible for me to help get this company shut down I am all for it .I don’t understand how you could be such a horrible company when someone just wants to keep their family safe and you won’t even let them leave to go to a company that will actually keep their family safe. AT&T digital life does not care anything about your family they just want your money .

    • Shawn, I would LOVE to get these crooks shut down. There really should be legal action against a company claiming to be in home security and then having SO MANY THINGS WRONG that actually leaves people vulnerable.

  11. I haven’t been satisfied with a single thing digital life has provided. I will defiantly be leaving when my contract is up. I would never recommend to anyone I care about, only my enemies. We had them for 6 months and we were not under Protection they didn’t have us at our computers or nothing they came set up the equipment and didn’t protect my wife or child. And all I want to do is leave this company and they make it impossible they renewed my contract without me knowing so now I’m stuck with them until the contract is up my alarm can go off for 30 minutes and no one will ever call I seriously believe that this company needs to be shut down they’re gonna end up getting a family killed .

    • Hey Shawn – Sorry to hear your experience with AT&T Digital Life has been negative. Have you been looking into any companies that you’d like to switch to?
      – Amy

  12. Their lack of professionalism, sophomoric systems and applications, and subpar support have finally tested my patience to the breaking point. The final “straw” was a result of this morning’s episode when after scheduling a service call for an inoperable control pad 3 weeks ago – their service rep failed to show today – keeping me waiting from the 8 AM – Noon time window. I then I received a VM stating his iPad was broken and he could not do service calls – so I had to reschedule. I was given a number (844-689-5337) to call and try to reschedule. When I dialed the number I received a message stating – “due to technical issues we are unable to answer your call”. Unbelievable that their company is so broadly and deeply incompetent. Then I went on to the internet to cancel my “My Digital Life” account and was presented with the message below (with same results after 4 additional attempts: “CONNECTION LOST – ATTEMPTING TO RECONNECT”
    If they (Southwest Bell – masquerading as AT&T) cannot keep their own systems working – how can anyone trust that they can maintain a security/monitoring system for our homes.

  13. This has been the worst experience of any kind of technical services in my life, ATT will loose all my support and respect for what they have done to me, I am planing to pay a fine to get rid of this system, if you are thinking of getting ATT Digital Life please do not.


  15. AT&T Digital Life–The Worst the Worst The Worst technicians that cannot install anything correctly!
    I waited 3 weeks to get a installation appointment…they came 3 hours late installed alarm system but didn’t work when they left. Called back to digital life after being on hold for over a hour realizing they somehow disconnected my home landline service…never restored my home service and told me to call Verizon…since then they have sent out 3 more Techs… system still not working!
    I told Digital Life to come and get there equipment before my trial is up…digital life needs to go out of business…they are making AT&T wireless service look bad.

  16. I don’t do reviews. However….with Digital Life, it deserves this and much more. I cancelled my monitoring service that I had with them for 5 years only to find out that this whole time my home wasn’t being monitored by them. I was paying over $50/mo to have it monitored by the way. I also found out that all the expensive equipment I purchased is no longer usable because I wasn’t paying for “monitoring”, I was paying for the Digital Life “service”. This means the app/online service. Since I cancelled, I can’t use my alarm just as an alarm (you know, to scare off intruders?) or use my door chimes (you know, to let me know if someone has entered my home?), or my glass break detectors, (you know, if someone breaks into my house through a window?), or my CO2 detectors….you get the point. All of it is serviced by the Digital Life “service” which you need to be “monitored” (or pretend to be monitored) and to use the equipment. So now I have a bunch of equipment that I can’t use, but paid for, unless I go back and rejoin Digital Life for another initial fee and a monthly fee that includes “monitoring”?! What happened to the good ole days when you bought a security system, signed up for a 1-2 year monitoring contract, cancelled it, and still used your purchased equipment without the monitoring service? I will chalk this one up to not understanding the fine print and the fact that I guess I just don’t get “new” technology. 🙁

  17. The ABSOLUTE worst service ever. I’ve had ADT, Brinks and Devcon. Digital Life is by far the worst. The service is terrible. In 6 months, I’ve had to call 5 times for different pieces not working (control panel, garage controller, thermostat, garage again, control panel again). The app is a complete joke. It’s down more often than not (as is the desktop site). And the customer service is an abomination every time you call.

  18. Well my tech definitely was terrible. He wasted an entire day, moving slow as molasses, and then didn’t even get it right. Then, when called to come and repair the system, he completely blew the scheduled window, without a care in the world. Eventually I resolved the issue myself. I would cancel, but it is over $600 at the point, so am stuck with this crud. I may move one camera myself.

  19. Same experience, they didn’t show to fix their non-functional system within their own allotted window. I selected 8am-12pm hoping I’d be one of the first that day, but they still didn’t make it. And they just don’t care.. I mean, no care in the world. It was the point I tried to cancel, and found out why they don’t care — $600 to cancel, wth?

  20. When we moved, I figured I’d transfer our services, not realizing the new home already was wired with ADT. BUT we were locked into a NEW contract, as that is the first thing they do, pull your credit and lock you back in. Why do they do this? Because they know they are TERRIBLE.

    We had an installer come, he literally moved as slow as molasses, wasting no less than 6 hours at the house, maybe 8 – it destroyed my entire day waiting on him to finish. WORST, he didn’t get it right. I finally determined the problem (later) was that he literally wired an electrical circuit to the point it was flickering on/off (a bit scary).

    Anyway, I wanted the camera repositioned, as he had put it in a stupid spot and it never worked anyway, prior to MY OWN resolution at least. I made an appointer 8am-12pm and requested a different technician.

    Naturally, the SAME technician called at 9:30am and said he was STILL at another job OVER an hour away. So, he was definitely not going to make the appointment. But, hey, they don’t care, because I tried to cancel — $600+. LOCKED IN.

    AT&T exemplifies the worst of what a big corp can become. The other day they had door to door salesmen come to our home selling their terrible Internet service (and it is terrible, I mean the worst – everyone in the know, knows that). We have Fiber-To-The-Home here, one of the reasnos I moved here, and so since they have to actually COMPETE, they try these dirty tricks. Their trick is to get people to think they are saving a small amount of money the FIRST YEAR for MUCH WORSE service, while they lock them in a contract and later jack up prices. I was upset at them because I live in a neighborhood of a lot of retirees who didn’t know better and I told them, “I’ll follow you around and inform people of the truth!”. The guy had the nerve of talking back to me (on my own porch, mind you, while doing unsolicited sales) saying ‘come on then!’. The lady with him left him in the car at the neighbors, so I guess he got in trouble for that.

    Point is: DO NOT sign into ANY contract with AT&T. Do not let your parents or grandparents sign up either. Tell any door to door salesmen (doubt they exist outside areas where they have real competition like here) to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Back to MyDigitalLife – WORST crap ever conceived for the highest price ever charged. And if you dare do anything internal, do YOU trust AT&T with your privately recorded videos stored on THEIR cloud? I sure as heck don’t.

  21. We have had the worst experience with Digital Life!! We moved to another home in December and were told that we would not be able to transfer services right away due to the fact that our new address was unable to be located by Digital Life. We tried to cancel, but they told us we could not due to the contract. They continued to deduct from my bank account even though services WERE NOT being provided. We called multiple times throughout and attempted to cancel, but were still told the same thing. Finally in March we were still told our address could not be found and they agreed to allow us to cancel. Our contract was canceled and we were “refunded” the money they withdrew during the times of no service. A month later we were recharged the exact amount returned the month before. We called and explained the situation and were “returned ” the money again. A week later we are now being charged the exact money again. I have no idea what to do anymore!!! Why do they keep charging me for a refund they approved?????

  22. At&t Digital Life…..DON’T DO IT!!! EXPENSIVE, OVER PRICED, USELESS, ALWAYS WENT DOWN AND NOT WORK, DON’T MOVE CUZ THEY WILL CHARGE YOU $500 FEE. There are much better companies out that. Run away.

  23. ****Let me set the record stright******Unfortunately most of you are correct ive installed this system for 4 years..and most of it does come down to the technician!! I was on the “Tiger team” with 15 other techs with most from the North East who had High skill leavle/customer service/professionalism. Wireless ” ” the DLC should be placed central in the house it’s like a router!! If your router is in the basement you will have substantially weaker signal depending on the size of the house plane and simple. I’ve trained countless techs over the years and in the class room and in the field I’ve installed in over 15 states & have seen it ALL the best and the worst!! The problem comes down to Mastec the company At&t contractor’s with is a turn and burn company..when they brought out speedwire the company who originally hired me actually cared more about teamwork customer service and above all customer satisfaction there was no pressure to get the job done in a certain amount of time they screened every employee through the phone Skype interview and 2 face-to-face interviews before hiring. Making sure it was the right person for the job!! Mastec Doesn’t care..at all. Slowly and surely MasTec started changing policy week after week month after month changing out managers to exactly what they wanted they didn’t care about quality they cared about getting as much work out of one day as possible. The system its self was bullet proof..for the 1st 2 years…then all the updates which ultimately broke a lot of technicians.trying to make the system better as well as the app started making it worse week by week…Outages,failed FW/SW, offline updates, causing tremendous amounts of tickets being created where the repairs out weighed the installs 5-1 per day and when they ran promotions would completely triple book each market forcing us to work 12-16 hr days 5/6 days a week. Which forced a lot of senior techs across the country to leave…AT&T should have hired the techs as att employees right out of the gate..and they wonder why DL has failed

  24. Prob thee worst security system out there today. Passwords to login to my equipment randomly change. System times out when trying to turn off a light switch. Troubleshooting hotline takes forever to get someone to answer. THIS SYSTEM IS COMPLETE GARBAGE..

  25. They don’t work with most air conditioners you can only control cool or heat but not both. After 5 trips from techs. I was told they have a problem with their software nothing they can do. I must have my thermostat rewired every time I need heat and then again when I need cool. They also keep dropping the fire alarm signal in my master bedroom. With all of the problems they would not remove the system without a huge fee. So they tell me I’m stuck with a system that does not perform until one year after the installation. Or pay several hundred dollars to take it out. Stay away from this system!!

  26. Called one week before I wanted the service cancelled and I was assured my account would be cancelled and I would receive a cancellation email once the service was terminated.

    One week later, I never received an email. I tried to access my account online on a desktop and also on the app on my iPhone and both methods were unsuccessful.

    So, I called again and was told the account was not cancelled because I had not agreed to the early termination fee, which was a blatant lie. I once again asked to have the account cancelled and was told that it was cancelled immediately at that very moment. I asked for a confirmation and was told that I would receive an email. And again, I did not receive an email.

    Earlier today, I contacted them via the live chat on their website, as I am still not able to access my account online or via the app and was told that my account was still active and that I would have to call to cancel again.

    Extremely dissatisfied and would never recommend the digital life service to anyone.

  27. Biggest piece of S***! Constantly offline, not connected to the internet blah blah blah. Called and was told they are having problems at there end and they hope to have it fixed in the next few weeks. Seriously! I’m paying 60.00 a month for this..Do yourself a favor and buy something else! Have no sense of security with this. I have had this system for 8 months and nothing but problems. Can’t wait to end this contract. Why should I have to pay for something that doesn’t work! Probably should contact a lawyer for breach of contract on AT&T’s part since nothing works.

  28. I have never been more disappointed in a company. I have had AT&T digital life 1 year, they habe yet to install my cameras (that I paid an additional $300 for), My motion detectors do not work and despite several phone calls, several scheduled service calls, my issues have still not been resolved. I made 6 separate appointments with service technician and all 6 were no calls no shows, or hours late for the appointment. Now AT&T wants me to pay $400 to buy out my contract. Legally, they are the ones who have a breach in the contract. I will be reporting to the BBC. DO NOT GET AT&T!

  29. This is by far the WORST of the worst security company that I have ever had in my life! I actually paid $506 to do an early termination for the 2 year contract. The worst alarm system. Highly recommend that you do NOT even consider them!!!

    From the beginning HUGE DISASTER! The sensor they installed fell within a week- they used simple double sided tape… I fixed that myself and reinforced the rest of them… Not even a month after the system was installed, the key pad started going crazy beeping as though doors were opening and closing- tripped my alarm several times… ended up not even putting the alarm when I went out (defeating the purpose of a home alarm system). Called customer service- after 1 and a half hours with them- they said that they were going to send a technician to check the system and possibly change out the contact sensors…. the day of the appointment came- and NO tech ever showed up!! When I called, AT&T, they said that they did not have records of an appointment being scheduled!!! And that no sensors were ever ordered….. I tried to talk to a supervisor and they told me that a supervisor was unavailable because they were on a “supervisor call” and that they could not tell me when the call was over for me to call back! I was without alarm over two months back and forth with them! I am telling they are the WORST!!! EVER!!!!!

  30. PLEASE DONT GET IT! I made a wrong choice, none of their cameras work, customer service is VERY RUDE, they don’t care about their customers. None of their cameras ever worked, they never capture, but they will argue with you saying it is online hence works fine. If I could give neg stars I would. Pay a little extra and go with actual security companies out there.

  31. If I could leave Negative Stars I would. I have been an ATT phone customer for almost 15 years. When they started Digital Life a couple of years ago, I had a system installed. I was one of the very first guinea pigs in the Cincinnati area. They had system problems – I stuck it out. They wanted to study our system and send 2 techs and 2 Regional Managers to my home (at their request) – I allowed it, I stuck it out. So bills are tight and a security system is the lowest priority. I decided to call and cancel only the security service. When you call, you get to talk to a lovely person in Jamaica. This person was worse than a used car salesman who hasn’t made a sale in 6 months. She convinced me to not cancel by giving me 3 months free service and at the end of that 3 months they “may have a new special and I can lower my rate just by calling back.” I don’t fall for scams and I don’t usually let people talk me into staying a customer but I thought what’s the harm in sticking around 3 more months if it’s free. The very next month I got a bill anyway. No Free month there! So I paid it to be safe. The next month I got another bill – again, no Free month! So I called back in to cancel. They tried with the high pressure sales but I cancelled my service. The next month I got anther bill. I called back and spoke to a supervisor (asked to be transferred to a supervisor in the United States) and this POS would not do away with the bill. He said when I called back in and cancelled that the 3 month Free offer was cancelled. I argued Common Sense, stating that I never got any Free months and that had they even started a month or two later, I was still within that time frame and I didn’t owe them another payment. He would do NOTHING for me. That was on April 18 that I talked to this a$$hole “supervisor”. On April 28 I received a letter from a Collection Agency!!! I’ve never been sent to collections in my entire 34 years of having bills or credit! That’s 8 business days later! If this is how they treat a long-time customer then F*&% ATT. Buyer beware – don’t use ATT Digital Life. I am considering also cancelling all 4 of my cell phones and going to another company. ATT the corporate giant sucks and does not care about their customers at all.

  32. I Do Not recommend this service. I was told that they were offering a promotion at no charge to get the digital life system with camera, pad locks and installation for $39.99 monthly. Received my bill a month later it was $54.99. Called customer service who stated that the package that I have was $54.99 not $39.99. My husband and I was told $39.99 monthly before agreeing to go with Digital life, which I choose because it would be an upgrade from the alarm system I had prior. I agreed to get this system, although it was $25 more than what I was paying with my previous alarm system service, which I wish I would have stayed with. Customer Service is awful, I was on the phone with about 1 1/2 hour trying to rectify the problems. They never agreed to give me the promotional amount of $39.99 monthly. They disconnected my camera, because without the camera it is $39.99. However my bill is still not reflecting that amount. The system is down a lot, you can’t see your detail bill and the list goes on. I am in a contract, so it is either I pay money to get out of the contract or I am stuck until my contract is up. This service is a rip off and is not customer service friendly at all. I even talked to a supervisor, very rude and the problem is still not rectify. I am disappointed in this service and DO NOT RECOMMEND.

    1. You cannot transfer. You will have to sign another 2 year agreement to move service
    2. Digital life isn’t offered everywhere in america so if you move to a non service area (who would think large so call Att network) you cannot take service
    3. Do not purchase equipment out right. Rep told us this would be an investment to take with us false. We are out of $500
    4. Once installed they will not send a tech to remove your equipment.
    5. Customer service isn’t helpful and they are very uneducated on system
    6. Sales rep will tell you anything to buy
    7. All items are aftermarket so you can get a cheaper wireless system with anyone.
    8. Over price scam with no support

  34. This company is Absolutely awful!!!! The worst customer service and tech service ever!!!! How are you going to pay for a security system and half the time it doesn’t work, and they do NOT CARE!!!! They are making us pay for the cx fee and will NOT waive it one bit. This is AWFUL!!!! Will never get them again or recommend them!!!!!

  35. AGREED—- Had for two years they are a complete joke. Had issues with the system and they want to charge you to fix it, then when I tried to cancel they offer me 19.99 a month from 50.00 wow what a markup they have to be able to drop it that much. Alarm goes off never get calls. Your paying for a monitoring device that if god forbid you ever really need to used it by the time anyone comes your either already dead or your house is empty. Most alarms are good enough to scare off anyone and give you time to react. I sure do not need the police to come 20 mins after the fact. If your paying full price after your contract is up your getting ripped off just some advise call and cancel and see what happens next.

  36. I disagree with the DL Tech. Trust the customer. What this customer describes happens ALOT. I have tried to work with the system for over 3 years…I am leaving for this reason. The tech is most likely not a customer. Trust the customer’s response. We are the one’s dealing with the issues.

  37. AT&T Digital Life…where do I begin? It is the ABSOLUTE worst system and company. They do not care about their system working. They don’t offer any type of support. They will try to “reset” your system, but if that doesn’t work…’sorry about your luck,” is the attitude. Most to all of their customer service personnel do not know what they are doing. The techs they send to your home are the same. It is a nightmare. When something goes wrong with their system, they try to blame it on your computer/computer settings/the internet/the app…everything but themselves. Finally you will reach someone who will tell you they are having issues. When you do call in, you sit on hold for a very long time. There has been a recent maintenance issue, I had called in and held for over an hour (which is typical), they couldn’t help me and told me to call back later. I called the next day first thing in the morning. I was on hold for my complete drive from Cincinnati, OH to Columbus, OH. When I arrived to my client’s office, was when they answered. That is 1.5 hours later! That is typical of them. And after I began my call, I was on the phone for another hour. But, you have to call in because the alarm was not working…they had another “maintenance” issue. They said if customers didn’t call in and request the fix, nothing would have been done. The agent, with whom I was speaking, said she had 300 calls waiting…it was about 10 EST…I had been on hold since 7AM. It is utterly ridiculous. I purchased the system for the camera/video. It is the biggest nightmare. It does not allow you download the video/images. It will download, but it will be in an HTML format or just not visible. They can never help you with that. Often, you system will record, but not show you any content of what it is recording, so it fills. Even though you call in prior, there is nothing they can do. It’s just a maintenance issue. Once you reach the 250MB that you are given (doesn’t matter how many cameras you have, that is all the space allotted for everyone), the system locks up. So, it isn’t their problem. It’s yours. Even if you have video that you absolutely need, “just purge it,” is the answer. They absolutely do not care. They are happy to take your money…they want you to pay for something even if it is not performing. Their practices are unethical and I believe they will be out of business soon. They are losing my business all the way around. I like their cellular service, but I am out of here. I would tell everyone I know to RUN and DON’T look back. You invest in a system that sooner than later you will be looking to replace. You will be very upset with yourself for wasting your hard earned money. There is much more I could say, but I hope this helps someone make an informed decision. The additional kicker is they will not release ANY contact information for their management, so you cannot speak with anyone above their c.s. floor supervisors. ??? Why? This is supposed to be a major company. What’s that about? Trust me, research and find another company. I am in the process now. If anyone has any advice on the other companies, please let me know.

  38. Never, ever, ever use digital life for security! You’d get tired of reading this if I listed every complaint I have so, I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. First, when installing the system, they cut a hole in my wall to mount the keypad on the opposite side of the house from where you’d be entering your home. I guess you’re supposed to sprint across the house to get it turned off before it alarms. Second, one tech person told me my small dogs wouldn’t make it go off when I wasn’t home, but the next person said they would. You can already tell there is a lot of confusion with what the employees know, or don’t know. Next, I forgot my system was set on STAY, but I went outside…. After about 5 minutes, I barely heard a slight sound and realized I had set my security system off. BTW, I don’t have a hearing problem. With every security system I’ve owned in the past, there was no doubt a security system was going off. They were so loud the whole neighborhood could hear it, as it should be. All of the above happened soon after it was installed, so I wanted the system removed. It wasn’t as it had been represented. I ultimately had to call corporate to get it removed and the holes in my walls fixed, and they did fix everything because of the obvious lack of professional installation and misinformation given to me. Last, but not least, my mother unfortunately has Digital Life, but fell, broke her hip right after Christmas, has been in 2 rehabs and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Now she can’t ever go back home. I hope none of you reading this ever have to deal with this cruel disease. Now, I’m in the process of getting her Digital Life disconnected. Since she’s still under contract, they want her to pay an early cancellation fee. They also told me she had to talk to them about cancelling the service. REALLY? She’s in a rehabilitation facility, and doesn’t completely understand what’s going on. This was told to me by corporate. I got off the phone and cried. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. A couple of minutes later, a woman from corporate (I wish I remembered her name), who was listening to my conversation with the other corporate woman, called me back. She said she was getting it disconnected and the early cancellation fee waived and that I had been through enough. I thanked her over and over again. Apparently there are a couple of people with common sense and that have some sort of sense of humanity that work for Digital Life, but you’ll feel like you’ve been through the rinse cycle of a washing machine for about 2 days before you are able to find one of those people, if you find one….

  39. First of all the damn thing was always down. Usually went offline at night when you really need it most. The cameras never work because of “insufficient bandwidth” which is BS because we have 100/300 mbps TWC and normally use only two other applications: 1 WiFi and 1 direct connect HDMI to my desktop computer. It was completely down for 2 months and when I called to cancel I got double screwed. I had to pay for the 2 months + plus the balance of the contract ($500 +). I have been totally disappointed in every AT&T service I have used other than Wireless Telephone (well c’mon it’s a Telephone company) and DirecTV which I had prior to their acquisition by AT&T. I have been waiting for it to blow up ever since. Run, don’t walk, and never look back from anything AT&T.

  40. Hi Tim — That sounds like a scary situation. I’d advise reaching out to your local police department to tell them what you’ve been experiencing. Then, I’d take a look at installing a home security system.

  41. DO NOT GET THIS SECURITY SYSTEM. It has been nothing but issues and causes way too much frustration for something that is supposed to bring you piece of mind. Worst decision we have made! But never again, our crappy 2 year is almost up and we WILL be leaving this terrible company for something better and cheaper!


  43. So your thinking about AT&Ts DigitalLife? Well, DONT , JUST RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN ANY OTHER DIRECTION!! We have had the system for 9months and in that time they have had to replace the touch tablet twice, constant camera failures, the system is just buggy. Spontaneous alarms chirping at 3am telling me ‘crash detected’ and nothing at all, cameras consistently not working due to either ‘connectivity’ or ‘poor signal’ and I’m running on high speed with an 2200ac router. The panel goes out and I have had to do a hard reset (unplug from wall, remover cover, remove battery, wait 5 mins and do everything in reverse) a dozen times or more! And now, they are telling me that I have to pay them to come get there crap out of my house. Also it is not compatible with any other system… this had potential, but they have failed miserably. I just wish there would have been honest reviews when I was looking.

  44. You get 250MB That is “M” of data. That is enough to last four cameras about 2 days at most, based on normal activity. There is no option to increase cloud data storage and no physical memory you can connect. You have to pick up a new hobby of purging video files every two days, and if you are gone for more than 2 days and there is an incident, the auto purge function will make sure it is erased.

  45. They can’t monitor garage roll up doors. They don’t have the capability or equipment to do so. Sales/install rep lied when the system was installed. REVIEW OF AT&T Digital Life Home Security: They can’t monitor garage roll up doors. Their sales and installer said they could and that we were. They don’t have the capability or equipment to do so. They don’t tell you that up front. We discovered it after the 14 day cancelation period and are now stuck paying a HUGE cancellation fee to move to a company to do what we thought we were paying AT&T to do. If you have AT&T Digital Life, someone can break into your home via your attached garage roll up door and rob/harm you and no one will know, no one will call, no one will come. It certainly gave me no peace of mind at night when I put my head on my pillow. How can they live with themselves knowing this? How is it legal to conduct business this way? Don’t even get me started about the false alarms that do happen for other doors/windows in the home, alarms that don’t go off when the system is set to ON, the calls that don’t come to check on us, and the one time they did call and didn’t even ask for the ‘safe’ word. DO NOT give these corrupt crooks your hard earned money. The digital key pad they include in the install package they now refer to as a ‘novelty’ item and do not support it. It does not work. They offer no refund for it. The wires during installation were patched together with tape and was a hazard. We offered to let them correct the matter, they sent a technician to install a garage door opener. It does not allow them to monitor the garage roll up door. We would still be at risk with the entry point of the garage roll up door. We expect the early cancellation fee to be waived and our monitoring fees since installation refunded since we have not been monitored as promised during our sales pitch and during the install. We requested the log of all contact and after multiple requests, we have received NOTHING. The only thing they will protect/monitor is their own pockets. What did we pay them for each month? We were not fully monitored. We were not protected. They offered to install a camera at our garage. It does NOT solve the monitoring issue, a camera won’t call the cops when someone breaks in, it is their admission of fraudulent sales practices. SHAME ON THEM #ATTDIGITALLIFE


  46. One of my worst decision when selecting a company. I sold my house after 6 months of having installed Digital Life. Before closing, I called to get the account transferred to the new owners and they recommended to wait after closing. The new owners and I tried numerous times over the period of three months after closing to get the services transferred and it turn out to be IMPOSSIBLE. It became a calling nightmare. They called, I called. After this, the new owners decided that they did not want to be part of this nightmare.
    Then, the representatives would say that they did not see all the request we had placed. I seemed like a bad movie. I ended up paying for something I did not use and on top of that, I had to PAY an EARLY TERMINATION FEE. I gave Digital Life over $700 for a service I did not use. Please, do not go with Digital Life, go with a different company if really need home security.

    • This EXACT scenario happened to us. I think it is such a scam. So horrible. We bought a house with digital life in it and both myself and the seller tried for over a month to get the account transferred. It is set up that the ONLY way it can be transferred is if THEY call you and catch you on the phone – there is no option to return their call. They called one time and it went to voicemail and there was never another attempt. We tried numerous times and I even went into an ATT store and had them try but with the same results. Always the same response – we have noted this on the account but someone from that dept will have to call you. There is no number to call. This single experience has made me vow to NEVER use another ATT product. I’ve changed out all services on 3 properties and I’m about to cancel my phone contract with them. They have lost me permanently as a customer because there is absolutely no excuse for this to be so difficult.

  47. I am cancelling my service today with AT & T Digital Life after over 3 years of service. Now they tell me that I have to uninstall all the equipment myself or I would have to pay $100.00 to have a tech come out. I wish I had known this up front because I never would have signed up for the service. Now I have to figure out how to get the very large controller out of the top of a closet by myself. Not happy with them at all.

    • They told me I would have to cancel before they could send someone out to remove the equipment, so I did. Then when I went to schedule a removal the people who do that said they couldn’t because I had already cancelled the service! What a bunch of double-talking liars. Plus I had to pay for the 2 months the service was down + the cancellation fee which together was over $500. PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE HERE. ONLY THEY REALLY KNOW WHAT THIS SERVICE IS LIKE!

    We purchased the ATT “Digital Life Home Security System” (in July 2016) and at the time, we were happy that we bought the Digital Life system. Well, guess what, 2 months later we took our vacation and after we returned from vacation we checked our “Digital Life’s” “Recording History.” To our surprise the Camera’s filming/recording Storage/History was NOT there, ONLY ONE DAY. Consequently, we called ATT “Digital Life” complaining and we were transferred to the “Customer Retention” department who transferred me to “Technical Support” who offered to come to the house for a $95.00 fee and check the system. The Technician explained that the “Digital Life” System was NOT capable to Store nor to Keep more than ONE DAY of RECORDINGS in STORAGE because the ATT “Digital Life” is NOT able nor it is designed to STORE YOUR RECORDING HISTORY at all, ONLY up to One Day. (Yes up to One Day !) So, after being 10 days away from our house, we had NO history of what could have happened while we were gone !!!
    What a FALSE Sense of Security ATT sold to us.!!
    We called back the “Customer Retention” and asked for them to increase the GB in the “Cloud” so our Home Security Recording would be stored up to a compromised 10 days (we lowered our standards) or I wanted to cancel the system, because it does NOT meet our “Home Security” NEEDS and “Customer Retention” explained that she understood our needs however ATT was not able nor designed to Store more than ONE Day of Recordings. So I exclaimed to Cancel the “Digital Life” system and she replied “it will cost you $587.00 US Dollars to cancel for “EARLY CANCELLATION.” We IMMEDIATELY asked to speak with a Supervisor and AFTER 42 Minutes on HOLD the “Customer Retention” woman said “All supervisors are busy and they will tell you what I have told you already; that it will cost you $587.00 US Dollars to cancel for “EARLY CANCELLATION.” Needless to say I was angry and hang-up out of frustration.


    Save yourself Frustration, time and money DO NOT BUY DIGITAL LIFE !

    • That’s not ture at all. Based on location of the camera, volume of traffic, how long the recording is set for, you should have no problem with 4-7 days

  49. NEVER EVER buy an AT&T DIGITAL LIFE system! I continue to have 5 months of frustrations with their tablet provided with the DL system not working. My understanding is most tablets included in the system have failed due to a software upgrade. Support? It has absolutely been nothing short of nightmares. AT&T must have a quota of hiring 80% morons but if you ask me, they have exceeded it. No one cares. I have over 50 hours wasted on the phone with 5 replacements and even an onsite tech could not fix the problem. Next stop – I have sent per the contract a certified letter to AT&T counsel notifying them I will be taking them to court. If others have had this problem I would like to add you to the legal action making it a Class action. BOTTOM LINE _ DO NOT BUY A DIGITAL CRAP LIFE SYSTEM. THIS FROM A 25 yr IT MGR with a company much larger than AT&T.

  50. We found out that if you disconnect service with AT&T, the alarm equipment does not work AT ALL, no chimes when doors or windows open, the keypad displays are blank. This is wrong. It should all still work except monitoring if you stop the service.

    • We bought a house that had this system installed and that’s exactly what it looked like, keypad blank, no chimes once the service is shut off. Needless to say when I saw the costs involved in picking up service, I signed up with someone else.

      • Jim…Who do you have now and are you happy with them?Can anyone suggest a good provider? We are moving into a new house and want a good reliable system. Thanks in advance, Jeff

  51. Horrific service!!!!!!!!! I will never use them again. I have wasted hours upon hours on the phone since July and no one can do their job and help me! Always a different answer and run around. They keep taking my money even though they promise they are taking responsibility and I will no longer be charged. Then tell me the bill is my deal! This company is a joke and full of thieves

    • I have 6 mom’s deal with them whit that problem. Hours in phone and they never solved nothing they say sorry I forgot to write in the computer cancel .. and sorry …bat I have to paid whit not sistem….. be careful very snake company

  52. Definitely the worst service a company can provide. Yesterday, 9/11/2016, they decided to do a system wide upgrade to the web site and the mobile apps that you use to monitor and control your devices. It is fine to do upgrades, but they shut down these platforms for over 6 hours! On top of that I had to wait almost 50 min to be able to talk to someone in tech support. I had also reached out to the Twitter handle @ATTcares to get some kind of answer, well it took them 12 hours to reply to my message, seriously??? To add even more I cannot cancel this horrible service because we are just pass the 14 day buyer remorse, how convenient for them right? Please stay away from this horrible company, they do not care about their customers, they just want to lock you in a contract so then you have to pay almost $700 in cancellation fees. Someone needs to come up and get a better service for this, STAY AWAY from them and let others know!

  53. Definitely the worst service a company can provide. Yesterday, 9/11/2016, they decided to do a system wide upgrade to the web site and the mobile apps that you use to monitor and control your devices. It is fine to do upgrades, but they shut down these platforms for over 6 hours! On top of that I had to wait almost 50 min to be able to talk to someone in tech support. I had also reached out to the Twitter handle @ATTcares to get some kind of answer, well it took them 12 hours to reply to my message, seriously??? To add even more I cannot cancel this horrible service because we are just pass the 14 day buyer remorse, how convenient for them right? Please stay away from this horrible company, they do not care about their customers, they just want to lock you in a contract so then you have to pay almost $700 in cancellation fees. Someone needs to come up and get a better service for this, STAY AWAY from them and let others know!

  54. Do not get this service! They have poor customer service and unreliable system. There was a system malfunction twice in two days. The application said the front door was locked but when we got home the front door was wide open. The garage door opened by itself at midnight when none of us were awake and while we were on vacation for 7 days. Although I’ve set up a program to notify when the garage door is open it never sent me a text message. It opened at midnight and if I hadn’t checked that day to see if anyone had come around the garage door would have been open the whole week! Someone could have gotten into the house and stole everything without us knowing. If you want security AT&T digital DOES NOT provide it. We had ADT before and we felt much safer. Called customer support and the supervisor acknowledged that the door system malfunction was a known issue and when I tell them that I want to cancel they said that I would need a tech to go out to my house, but when we insisted that its not the equipment it’s a system that’s the issue and we’d like to cancel without paying an early termination fee. They still insisted that in order for them to do so they would still need the tech to verify that it’s unfixable. I told them you can fix it, but I don’t want an instance where they ever need to fix it. What good is security if it only works half the time?! And causes a great sense of INSECURITY for its customers. THE SYSTEM OPENED THE GARAGE DOOR at midnight and while we were away. You can imagine how scared we were!

    • Tim
      Last night in wife sleeping garage door opens
      8:30 then closes at 9:30
      Are daughter herd it close and she woke us
      Up .Freaking out thinking someone is coming
      Threw the door
      Manage to get out into garage hoping I wouldn’t get shot
      I didn’t see where anything had been messed

      Then everyone goes to bed and the door had
      Apparently open at 10:00 Pm Now everyone
      Is asleep . I opened the kitchen door to the
      Garage to go to work at 5:30 Am and the door
      Is wide open. Now I am Really freaking out
      Grab the gun for defense not knowing what
      Is happening.
      After checking the camerasame I see cars going by and some Guy walking by at 3:00 Am
      I am in fear of our families security
      How many folks have had this problem


  56. Can NOT recommend Digital Life — Our installer was “nice” and tried hard, but we had to cancel certain parts (wiring to our heating and a/c thermostat because those we already have in place were far more sophisticated — not only temperature, but humidity control, etc.) AND, despite multiple calls to his manager, a problem of smoke alarm(s) going “offline” NEVER were corrected. We’d receive calls by phone informing us of this problem, but NO SOLUTIONS presented ever worked– we stopped receiving calls, and this was no longer addressed. We knew we were moving within six months, so we decided to “let this go” and advise buyers of their options.
    TRYING TO CANCEL the service has felt like a SCAM. I called in June and was told that if we waited for three months, we’d not be billed, and our termination penalty would be something like $100 less. This made no sense, but I confirmed THREE times, got the person’s name and id# that I spoke with…
    When I called to cancel today (two months after the June call, and after receiving monthly service bills each month…) I was told that the lower rate would not go into effect until our September billing (for three months going forward — AND, our termination fee is NO LESS than it was when I originally called to cancel in June!) — I referred to what I was told in June, and got to hear about how I would see a reduction in our billing for October, November, December, and our early cancellation penalty would be reduced (nicely, but SERIOUSLY???) —
    I had to be very FIRM and explain that I wanted all service, billing, interaction with at&t Digital Life terminated effective TODAY…(got to hear that the representative understood my frustration, but got to hear the offer again… and her scripted run through that she’d effectively handled any questions I had, and all of my issues were dealt with… sigh…)
    A frustrating, costly (we’re paying about $300 more by cancelling today than in June) “learning experience.”
    NO, we’re not interested in transferring service to our new home, and NO the new owners of our previous home are not interested in transferring our service to their names (we checked).

  57. I just wanted to state how horrible there customer service is!!!!! Let’s start from the beginning. We signed up with a different security company in the beginning of moving into our new home a few months back. Never did they once notify, state or point out that we’d be locked into a contract that’d be over 3-5 years. I give those few numbers because these people are so stupid even they couldn’t give me a definite answer. Any who so AT&T offers us a cheaper rate, and coverage tied in with MY family’s cell phone account while we’re adding my boyfriend to our plan. So you’d think the new home security account would be under myself, as well as my boyfriend but it’d seem smarter to think myself since it is my family’s cell phone account. Well unfortunately that’s when our security system refuses to let us go and informs us that we’re stuck for a good while with them, (don’t forget this is done in a shady matter with absolutely no paperwork to back up this claim, my signature is no where to be found for this amount of time) so I call AT&T to try and let them know we can’t even go through with setting up security. First time round on the phone I’m informed that the new security account holder is only my boyfriend (which again makes no sense when he signed up to join the idiot who added him in store added him to MY cell account so it should have been joint or myself on the new security account) well that’s fine, she just askes me for all of his personal information (which surprise I have because we’ve lived together for over 3 years, including his social) but she tells me since it’s close to the weekend id have to call back on Monday (today) So we call back today, this phone tag literally starts at 845am where I’m on hold for over 10 mins, only to explain our situation and get disconnected, I call back and sit on the phone for another 10 minutes, I give all of my boyfriends information, the woman tries relentlessly to get me to stay with this security (HELLO we don’t get a choice in this matter why the fuck would I wanna pay more for another money hole when I’m already stuck?!) so after the entire 30 minute phone call second time round, she gives me a nice curt response well you’re not Dan (my boyfriend) so unfortunately you need to have him call. If the phone call started with informing you that the account holder name was different than my own wouldn’t you be smart enough to inform me of this in the beginning? Mind you I gave them everything about Dan that he used to sign up with, including his fucking social security number, no one just fucking has that personal information unless there pretty close to someone or stealing there info, and since no one gives two fucks about canceling someone’s account I must be close with this person? Any ways, I let the matter go and inform Dan he has to call. Third time round now he calls only to be only hold for 45-60minutes when the Tech who was scheduled to come and install the new equipment calls, and says he has to call back after he speaks with his boss about the cancellation (which surprise no one calls him back) initially he is forced to hang up with his call that he’s been on hold for. Now it’s about 11:45 ish when we call back again since we’re together on his break, fourth time round, I finally get a tech on and explain how frustrated we are, that Dan is available but I have everything to confirm his identity and we’d like to not be on hold anymore and just want to get this over with. He is able to quickly connect me with a Patricia who literally tells me she can cancel everything, even says since I have Dans social she’ll go ahead and proceed with my request after she puts me on hold to get confirmation (what do you think happens next? I’m transferred back to technical support to start all over again) at this point I’m disgusted and furious as one can be, I explain again that I was canceling and already on the phone with someone who should have taken care of this and what does tech support do? They transfer my ass again!!!! AGAIN WTF IS WRONG WITH ATT DIGITAL HOME LIFE?! Horrible customer service, so when I get ahold of someone flip out and explain how displeased we are she says she’s gonna transfer me again I said no way that they needed to cancel us before we ask to speak to a supervisor, we’re not horribly rude but we explain how frustrated we both are and of course this woman is rude, short and all around annoying because heaven forbid it’s our fault she’s having to deal with us. Finally, finally after about 3-4 hours they cancel everything. I would NEVERTHELESS recommend this security to anyone. Horrible. What a waste of my day off.

  58. I myself am a DLT “Digital Life Technician” I’ve been working with Digital Life for over 3 years, honestly it’s all based on the technician and how well he or she was trained. If you have a house over 6k square feet this system is NOT for you, and most likely will experience problems, the DLC “Digital Life Controller” should be placed as centralized in your house as possible!! NOT IN THE BASEMENT!! I’ve traveled all over the country doing installs and see the hack work some technicians do and really I feel so bad for the customer’s, most states don’t even require techs to have licenses, in the New England area you have to have a license most are electricians,or licensed security installers. and yes they do want you to get the job done quickly, and that’s where experience comes in, myself and Co-workers can easily do 2 6-7 hr jobs a day in about 3-4 hrs a piece because we know the system have been doing it for years, know how and where to place devices, what works and what doesn’t. I always explain to the customer step by step, on what I’m doing how I’m doing it so there is no surprise. If they will not let me place the DLC anywhere but the basement even after I explain IT’S A Wireless signal thick floors,concrete,insulation ect will block the signal then I put a smile on and say ok I’ll do as you wish. Some people expect the world out of things and can never be pleased I’ve meet them all, worked in multi-million dollar houses to the projects and i treat them all the same, if the customer gives me the time of day to give a proper walk thru and customer education then they probably wont have any issues,Honestly it’s a good system for home security and home automation,

  59. Awful, awful, awful- we had a tech come to install today- 2k system- 8 cameras- smoke detector- glass break sensors- flood monitors- inspector explained nothing/ barely could make a complete sentence- we asked to have a very experience tech to do the install because we just completed a 200k renovation/ wanted quality work- I had to tell the guy 3 times to discuss everything before he screwed into the wall- he never did- I had to have him remove everything because he put them in wrong place- nothing is hard wired- period- the key pad needs an outlet to plug in/ ummm who has an outlet shoulder high in their interiors walk in wall- no one- he put the brain in my office closet- ran a long wire and stapled it to the wall and floor- the wires was too long so he coiled it and stapled that to the wall- 4.5 hours into it- not much was done and I asked him to pack up and leave- I immediately cAncelled the service and will have a full refund- totals fraud- techs are awful and incompetent- go with someone else- not att

  60. Don’t get into the 2 year trap with hefty cancellation fee. AT&T sales person put lots of annoying pressure to get the security system without cancellation fee, well It was incorrect . I paid $425 cancellation , plus I already paid $200.00 for the equipment. I would call this legal robbery. Don’t be fool , 2 year long contract .. I would go with other security system . By the way the camera is freezing and too damn slow … I DO NOT recommend AT&T Digital life at all

  61. I should have just followed th suggestions of the hundreds of other people disappointed with this so called security service provided by AT&T. It was horrible just horrible and I only had the service for 14 days. The only reason I kept it that long was to get my old company to come out and switch everything back. From start to finish, installation was horrible, horrible out of date keypads you receive, horrible customer service, to the App that needs so many updates to even be close to what Alarm.com and other companies can do. At&t are not ready for the world of home security. I did not feel safe at all. So the tech who came to initally install left live wires out in turn shocked my husband. I had no clue about this because I dumbly trusted that he put everything back where it was supposed to go, yeah silly me, wires were out not covered and our box is in our master closet in our home so it’s not like it was a place we could avoid. Ridiculous! Not only did I have to wait an hour on the phone for a rep to cancel, but I did that 3 times because the first representative hung up on me and did not call back. By the 3rd time I was furious. I cannot say enough how disappointed I am in this service and they had the nerve to send a tech to remove their stuff and he had the nerve to come at the wrong time and ask me over and over if I had changed my mind about the service. I am guessing he did not want to do his job if uninstalling that day. Also, the tech who came to “fix” the wires was not up to date on the functions of the app. I would ask him questions and he had no clue what I was talking about. On top of all that I recieved a bill for Digital Life a $100 bill. Can’t say that surprised me, they would never let you go without some kind of strings attached. Although I was told over and over I would NOT be billed for any service if I cancelled within the 14 day period. Read the fine print people. Do not listen to anything they say. I also chat with tech support and billing reps alot and they are usually really nice and poilte but I chatted with someone today and her tone through chat, yes through chat, was very rude and impolite, no emapthy whatsoever for the customer. It was very upsetting to me. I meant to type this up and post it back in June when this all happened but today put the icing on the cake. I am trying to figure out a way to get all AT&T stuff out of my life, internet, uverse, everything. I am tired. Too bad they have taken over everything.


    PS. (Talking to a nice nice rep on the phone who says my account wasnt completely cancelled, how about that:-/) Talk about messed up! This is horrible! I am SO DONE!

  62. Worse company to have! They made a mistake on my account and I had to pay because they said that there was no way to get their computers around the problem . Customer service was terrible I was on the phone for over 3 hours speaking with various supervisors and not one could help me with my problem. Don’t waste your time or money with this company!

  63. The customer service is terrible! We forgot our password, the website didn’t work to reset our password thank to some “flow” error, and we tried to have a reset link texted to us, but it was texted to our daughter’s phone which does not accept texts with links. She said “I understand your frustration” about 100X, yet never transferred us to her supervisor or anyone else for that matter who might have gotten us further. She had us download Google Chrome and try a bunch of other crap that didn’t work. Apparently there is no way to change the phone number that reset text is sent to, so it was a very long and unproductive call. And then she hung up on us. After several hours messing with this and two very long phone calls, we are waiting several days to get a temporary password in the MAIL. Really? They don’t have the technology to help out much in these situations and I’m not sure I trust them in an emergency now.

  64. Some of this info needs to be updated. You can try before you buy as long as you cancel within 14 days. It is an OK system, I have it myself. It is nice to have the cameras and convenience of an automated door lock so I never have to worry about having/losing my keys, or letting someone in if I need to. But the technology of the app is not that great and is not quite there yet. The app crashes a lot when trying to view video recordings, and is very slow because it is doing so much at once. Once the app is updated and less laggy, this will be a great automation and security service.

    • Hey Jimmy – the systems have professional monitoring capabilities. Therefore, the police (or a security guard, depending on where you live) would be alerted if the alarms go off. If you’ve recently bought or rented the property, you may want to call the local police station to ensure they are able to respond to monitored calls for your residence. – Lia

  65. Horrible! I sold my house and they continue to bill me for this service, even after I have canceled it 3 times. Customer service argues with me when I call and try to explain. I am waiting for my contract on my phones to expire and will cancel everything ATT due to this horrible experience.

  66. Don’t get this service the sales people will lie to you! I called for a quote and put down money to lock in my rate while I shopped around. Next think I know they shipped me equipment. They couldn’t come out and to install for weeks when the sales person promised me 1 week max. No one wanted to do anything for me when I called to explain the situation.

  67. We recently tried to set up a home security system and it was the worst experience I have had with on line customer service. I set up service and agree to the $149 set up fee for the package we spent 30 minutes going over on Sunday over the telephone. The sales rep took my credit card and processed the order. She apparently had one of the numbers wrong on the card and ATT tried to process my payment 6 times which shut my card down for fraud. I had to take care of that issue with BofA which was a process in itself. The payment ATT tried to process 6 times was for $161 (taxes on top of the $149). I received an email requesting I call back with my order number this morning to finish the process, and I did. I was on the phone with rep for another 30 minutes in between holding while she re-processed the order. We got all the way to end and she said the payment was $322 (double the original quote) and out appointment was no longer available on Saturday so we would have to take off work to be home. I went on line and read the reviews and do not want to go forward with your company. ATT is not authorized to charge my credit card in any amount for a home security set up.

  68. The digital life system is a terrible system. The concept is great but the equipment is cheap and unreliable. The system applications that are used to confirm proper installation and operation of the overall system are unstable and crash constantly during the installation process (and afterward). That, on top of the fact that the techs installing the systems are so run down in the ground from the absolute piss poor management, scheduling and the frustration of working with sub rate equipment and spotty software, makes digital life more of a frustration than a feeling of safety. False alarms are very common. Motion detectors not working properly. Sensors not functioning correctly with the “away” feature. Inflated promises from sales compared to the reality of what’s installed (unless you’re willing to buy more products at full blown 200% markup). Then the fact that after 14 days of the install, you’re locked in a two year contract. Being a past installer of this system I’ve seen some very shady business practices and the attitude of get it in no matter what. That attitude alone was enough for me to permanently separate myself from installing digital life or having the most faint thought of ever owning the system. Plus morals of installing a gimmick passed off as a security system left me with a constant uneasy feeling. AT&T offers great promos to get your attention. Trust me, with digital life, anything that’s offered IS too good to be true. I hope this helps in someone’s decision to BEWARE of digital life. If you’re still not convinced then by all means, give it a try and find out for yourself. After all, it’s your money to waste.

  69. We are 8 months into our service and they discontinued the camera that we have and it therefore does not work on the app. We can no longer get a live feed. They would not cancel our service and they would not replace the camera. Our cars were also broken into and the garage camera did not record it. FAIL.

  70. This is the worst service I’ve ever had. It sucks so bad I tried to cancel within 30 days and they wanted to charge me $650 for no reason. I’m stuck with them now and in less than 3 months my thermostat quit working with my app and the next available tech is in 3 weeks from today. In addition to this whole mess, I was offered the wrong parts at the so highly praised “Flagship store” and they flat out lied to me. Save yourself the headache and don’t make the same mistake we made. There are many reputable companies out there doing way better by their clients.

  71. Don’t purchase ATT system. If you ignore my advice, you will pay darely, financially and emotionally. ATT is great for cellular phone, but when they expanded to home security, they have no idea what they are doing. It appears as if they purchase the equipment from Walmart, the camera does not record audio, security panel does not display time, date, weather, as much as you pay for the system it should include all those features and more, you can’t turn up the volume to the security panel and the list goes on. I have had numerous unresolved concerns with cameras recording when it wants to and I have had several service techs appear and it is still unresolved, not to include the time off from work with no compensation for inconvenience and poor Customer Service I received from employee, Stephen when I call the Tech department, which result with him hanging up the phone unexpectedly. I will return to ADT, I only replaced them because my contract was up and I wanted to consolidate my business with ATT. ATT is pricey, but I will pay extra for great, reliable service, support. We are all humans and we drop the ball once or twice in or lifetime, but Making it right when it comes to Great Customer support, service is essential. This reflects on ATT CEO and down. Stop play all that golf and do your Job.

  72. I purchased this security system a month ago— so far I only got headaches from it. Had the thermostat offline twice already and a camera didn’t work. As a result, the tech came out 3 times already. This is not it—- I received an email from the Digital Life team about a ALARM PERMIT registration!!! What on earth is that all about??? I never heard that with another home security provider. I called customer service (so they call themselves that) and asked—- Apparently I HAVE to “register” my alarm system with the Township and get a permit. I called the Township and they told me that the provider would call us and setup a time so they can inspect the home prior to installation. Of course ATT DL customer service was CLUELESS (Surprise surprise—It would have been nice if they TOLD me upfront). I was told I had to get a permit # and provide that along with a issue date/expiration date. I also called the police dept to register by filing a resident alarm registration form so I am in their system if a dispatch is needed. They told me they never heard of a permit # for a home alarm. I am completely LOST. Does anyone have any idea what I have to do??
    Apparently the ones who sold this piece of crap can’t really help or are playing dumb. All I can say–I will cancel in 2 years as I’m stuck with this crap.
    I don’t even know if I truly have a operational home security system that’s protecting my family. Can’t try it because I will end up paying.

    P.S. If ATT DL responses to this review–PLEASE don’t tell me— thank u for your feedback bla bla bla
    If you have steps on what to ACTUALLY do—then respond. As it is—the service SUCKS.

  73. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ATT DIGITAL LIFE! They lock you into a two year contract and their customer service is horrendous! I have tried to resolve a problem and just keep hearing I will receive a call in 24-48 hours (this process started over 2 months ago.) I have spent well over 20 hrs on 14 different calls and nothing changes. They send me bills for a house I moved out of 2 months ago and it is just a mess. I have been told it has been escalated to the VP of digital life (that does nothing). Now they want me to pay $319 in fees. It is such a mess! Do not make this mistake and get home security with ATT! I can’t begin to explain the stress it has brought! DONT DO IT…

  74. I recently decided to get a security system after my home was broken into. I had a security system before however I was very disappointed with the customer service and overall equipment and packages. Short story I canceled it and never felt the need to replace it. The day after the break in my phone broke and I had to go into AT&T. I was told about the promotion and I was sold. I told them about the break in and my fears so they went out of their way to expedite the installation and they made me feel at ease. I’ve had it for 3 months now and it’s been the best and smartest investment. The piece of mind alone the camera gives me from my iPhone and the app alone is worth it. My camera recently stopped working so I called and they had someone out here within 2 days when they said they would. It was actually today and the young man was prompt, kind and quick. He was very knowledgable. There was no charge for the repairs or visit. I wouldn’t think of switching security companies. The experience overall has been great and positive. I love Digital Life!

  75. Please think twice before you call AT&T Digital Life for your home security system!! I called based on a referral from the doctor that I work with and unfortunately did not do my research. My husband’s mother has been on life-support for several weeks and our daughter just got married so we have been a bit overwhlemed. The salesperson made such a great pitch for the system and all the features sounded great! We were shipped a box of stuff for them to install and made the appointment for a week out. First of all the technician called to say he was “in route” to our house and would be there shortly. My husband broke his neck to get home but the technician showed up two and a half hours later because “he went to get something to eat”. That was the least of our worries. Once h e started the installation, the fireworks began (literally). He seemed polite at first but then began making personal calls one after the other while he was working for the first hour and a half. The first lovely mistake he made was to blow up the modem that he had just installed because he didn’t unplug it before he tried to switch some wires. That’s when my husband reported he saw a spark. This also blew a transformer. Of course all of this happened right after he had already paired the sensors and the camera up with the unit. He promptly got a new one out of his truck and then spent the next 3 and one half hours trying to get the sensors and camera paired to the new unit with no success. If this wasn’t bad enough, when he drilled one of the holes in the door frame (didn’t realize this was going to be part of the install), he went about two inches (way beyond just the frame) and the wallboard shattered behind it because he went in too far and you can see the tear in the wall and the shattered wallboard behind it (about a 6 inch square hole in the wall). Now you would think he would mention this to us, but no…..he covered it up with our broom that he found in our laundry room and we didn’t see this until after he left!!

    Please do your homework before you get this security system installed and make sure you know how the system is installed ahead of time. If your technician is as unprofessional as ours was (left all his trash behind and didn’t clean up anything as he went along- not even the sawdust from the drilling), didn’t give us the option to hide our wires- everything is installed so you can see all the wires, etc), promptly ask him to get his manager on the phone and speak to him while he’s there because you’ll never get a supervisor or ma nager on the phone after he’s gone. No one wants to take responsibility at AT&T.

    We are still waiting for a manager to call us back to ensure us someone competent can finish our job and to come out and assess the damages. We called Saturday morning and were told that a the technician’s manager was escalating our call up to the regional manager who would contact us. We are still waiting and NO ONE has contacted us. I guess they can’t be bothered to deal with our problem. After all they are busy aquiring more companies! At the moment we are being passed from one person to the next. We were hoping to get this taken care of quickly. We have had positive experiences with AT&T as our wireless provider, so we put too must trust in that unfortunately.

    Unhappy customer- does anyone at AT&T care?

  76. BEWARE: AT&T Digital Life does not tell you about the ALARM PERMIT REGISTRATION FEE. I just received my December bill and it has an additional fee of $118.25 added to it for this “One-Time Charge.” I called and spoke to Wayne in the billing department that told me this charge is required by the State and that I would only pay it once. We got a Service Representative on the phone, Sonja and she told me it is NOT a ONE TIME CHARGE as AT&Ts bill states. Any AT&T Digital Life customer will receive this $118.25 charge ANNUALLY for the life of their contract. The bill is misleading to say the least. The Installation Reps need to stress that you have to pay this $118.25 fee annually. All people I talked to were very polite, I am not happy with not being told about this charge as well as that the AT&T Billing statement does not tell the truth, it isn’t a one-time charge, it is an annual charge.

  77. Beware, we made the mistake with digital life. After leaving big companies such as Cox, TNT alarm and Sprint we walked into AT&T for one big package. Digital life was last and what a nightmare. We were disappointed with camera setup and cancelled. The next morning we walked back into AT&T and told them we changed our minds we didn’t want the AT&T security package. Several months later they turned us over to collection agency for $915. No customer service, no concern for cancellations within 24 hours! They keep you on phone in hopes something good will happen. A digital life woman tells me I would be paying for the cameras until the last penny. Save yourself time and money and choose ADT. My wife so upset we will send $1 per month until paid off.

  78. I am writing to warn customers who are calling AT&T for more information regarding their security system as the customer service representatives/sales team does not provide accurate information to the caller. They state that you can try the security system for free for 14 days with no obligation, If you are not satisfied you can cancel your service. Once you agree to this you are told that there is a 2-year contract – but this is after they have created an order for service. I tried to cancel my order and they state they cannot cancel a pending order. I have spoken to four different representatives who cannot get me to the “back office” where cancellations are handled. I have been transferred to billing, then to a technician (who said he would take care of it), when I called the next day there was no notes regarding my demand to cancel the order of service. Customer representatives continue to state that there is nothing they can do to cancel the order until it is reviewed by the “back office – an office that they cannot access. The fact that they can place an order in two seconds (before explaining all fees and contract details) and then be unable to cancel the order is just bad business and leaves this customer feeling swindled. I will continue to have to call them over the next 72 hours in order to see if my cancellation request has been approved.

  79. The AT&T set up system needs a lot of work. LIKE A LOT. So I went in to an AT&T wireless store to upgrade my phone, which went really well. While setting up my new phone, the store manager came and talked with me about home security, I already had a home security company and was just satisfied with it, until we did the math and found out that AT&T’s system was less. So I decided to sign up and go for it. While in the store, the manager and I counted what I had existing through my original alarm company, like the number of window sensors, smoke detectors, etc. We did that and she said the monitoring for that service we came up with would be 29.99 a month. Well, thats when the nightmare of AT&T came to light. What at first seemed really painless and simple turned out to be possibly the biggest headache ever. I was mailed not one, but two “starter kits” both addressed to my address, but one of the names was misspelled. On the day of the installer, not one, but two technicians to install the starter kit. AT&T had sent 2 identical systems to me even after I called days before trying to correct their issue of misspelling my name. Well, thats when it gets even worse. The installers were there only to install a basic basic system x2 times because they never got the word that this was one job at one address, not what AT&T had, as 2 jobs at one address and they were to install not what I had said I needed and already had with my existing system but a lesser equipped system… it gets better… and to set up the system I was under the impression I was getting, I would have to purchase each sensor separately and add the cost of monitoring! I was looking at over 400 dollars on an install that I was led to believe was not going to cost me more than 40.00-100.00, I was beyond frustrated at this point and was going to simply cancel, except the installers had already begun to dismantle my old system and killed it! Literally after spending 3 hours on the phone with numerous AT&T customer service representatives, they made it right. I could immediately tell that the reps actually cared and were trying to help me (once I relayed my situation), literally after conference call and conference call with many different supervisors by applying credits to my account, the situation was resolved, the system was installed, and they retained me as a customer. After everything was all said and done, I was getting the system that I was sold for the price I was sold. But what an ordeal! AT&T there has to be a better way! It was your customer service reps that saved me as a customer and has me talking about how awesome they were! But even they were baffled at what was happening! My advice, AT&T will work, but be careful, write down everything you are sold in the store with prices and be prepared for the initial migraine of getting it set up!


  81. We had AT & T Digital Life and a few days ago they had a serious security breach . I am a full time security officer , and , if there is one thing I will not tolerate , it is a security breach with a company specializing in home security . I cancelled and AT &. T made me pay a $206 cancellation fee even though they had just experienced a major security breach . I was happy to pay it for my family’s peace of mind . We went with the highest rated home protection company online , a company that only does home protection . Less expensive than AT&T and much, much better customer service . We went with Frontpoint . Very happy we did .

  82. This side of at&t is horrible system works when it wants to, billing is terrible has not been right since the install i dont think my motion detectors have ever worked, sold as first year free minus install that was a lie and they refuse to fix it, i cant get out of contract should have stayed with adt. i would not recommend this to anyone.

  83. Don’t get AT&T for your home security! Their stuff is not wireless like they claim. And horrible customer service. I was told one thing by a tech that came to install the services and a rep over the phone which was all a big lie!!!! Now that I just trying to exchange a stupid camera they are telling me I can’t after I was promised I could with no charge and they see it in my notes!! The supervisor threaten to hang up on me and wouldn’t nor wanted to help me.

  84. just started using the system and I am getting miss-billed already. Bill is $150 overstated and the customer service rep said that if I didn’t pay that the system will be suspended and will have to pay a $50 fee. If I cancel it, it will cost $600. This is a scam

    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for reaching out. We’re sorry to hear you aren’t having an easy time with AT&T Digital Life. Are you sure you aren’t being charged for start-up fees, like installation and activation, or even a down payment on the equipment? Some companies place charges for these items, which can be a one-time fee above your monthly monitoring price.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!


  85. Do not even consider using this company. We have had the system for a year until we switched back to ADT. System never worked, cameras worked intermittently, service techs either do not show up or show up hours later. Worst customer service and even the techs that have showed up late that could never figure out our issues said AT&T rolled this system out WAY before it was ready. This was the worst experience we have ever had with security systems. The last tech got into our ADT box we had before and cut 30 contacts and then tells me he was going to charge me 900.00 for thirty new contacts. AT&T refused to fix the damage. We are actually hiring an attorney over the damage and faulty equipment. Glad we returned to ADT. Service tech arrived right on time, repaired the damage and got us protected with a product and cameras that actually work.

    • Hi Laurey,

      We appreciate you taking the time to share your AT&T experience with us. We’re sorry it didn’t work out for you, but we are certainly glad you’re all switched over to ADT and satisfied!

      Let us know if you need anything else!


  86. Please think twice before you call AT&T Digital Life for your home security system!! I called based on a referral from the doctor that I work with and unfortunately did not do my research. My husband’s mother has been on life-support for several weeks and our daughter just got married so we have been a bit overwhlemed. The salesperson made such a great pitch for the system and all the features sounded great! We were shipped a box of stuff for them to install and made the appointment for a week out. First of all the technician called to say he was “in route” to our house and would be there shortly. My husband broke his neck to get home but the technician showed up two and a half hours later because “he went to get something to eat”. That was the least of our worries. Once he started the installation, the fireworks began (literally). He seemed polite at first but then began making personal calls one after the other while he was working for the first hour and a half. The first lovely mistake he made was to blow up the modem that he had just installed because he didn’t unplug it before he tried to switch some wires. That’s when my husband reported he saw a spark. This also blew a transformer. Of course all of this happened right after he had already paired the sensors and the camera up with the unit. He promptly got a new one out of his truck and then spent the next 3 and one half hours trying to get the sensors and camera paired to the new unit with no success. If this wasn’t bad enough, when he drilled one of the holes in the door frame (didn’t realize this was going to be part of the install), he went about two inches (way beyond just the frame) and the wallboard shattered behind it because he went in too far and you can see the tear in the wall and the shattered wallboard behind it (about a 6 inch square hole in the wall). Now you would think he would mention this to us, but no…..he covered it up with our broom that he found in our laundry room and we didn’t see this until after he left!!

    Please do your homework before you get this security system installed and make sure you know how the system is installed ahead of time. If your technician is as unprofessional as ours was (left all his trash behind and didn’t clean up anything as he went along- not even the sawdust from the drilling), didn’t give us the option to hide our wires- everything is installed so you can see all the wires, etc), promptly ask him to get his manager on the phone and speak to him while he’s there because you’ll never get a supervisor or manager on the phone after he’s gone. No one wants to take responsibility at AT&T.

    We are still waiting for a manager to call us back to ensure us someone competent can finish our job and to come out and assess the damages. We called Saturday morning and were told that a the technician’s manager was escalating our call up to the regional manager who would contact us. We are still waiting and NO ONE has contacted us. I guess they can’t be bothered to deal with our problem. After all they are busy aquiring more companies! At the moment we are being passed from one person to the next. We were hoping to get this taken care of quickly. We have had positive experiences with AT&T as our wireless provider, so we put too must trust in that unfortunately.

    Unhappy customer- does anyone at AT&T care?

    • Sheri,

      We truly appreciate you taking a moment of your time to provide such valuable feedback. We’re sorry to hear that your experience with AT&T Digital Life has not been the greatest. When we went through and reviewed their service, we didn’t find their customer service to be mediocre.

      Hope it all works out for you! Let us know if you need anything else!


  87. Awesome service, would recommend to friends and family. Just moved from my old house to a new one, they gave me all new equipment and a bunch of free stuff as well. I’ve never had any issues with them, never had any communication issues or service issues. I’m reading through reviews on here, and it’s peoples’ lack of understanding that they are not the only people on the planet, which is why this service gets bad reviews. Once you realize and understand that AT&T is a company that has hundreds of thousands of customers and probably 100 service techs that do all the work, you’ll understand if you don’t get an answer back within 30 seconds of your phone call.

    • If what you say is true you are in a minority,Att is not an alarm company and uses shill companies to save money on workmans comp and insurance for home damage.Most of the techs mean well but they are not real alarm techs.Most of their techs are hoping too get out of Atts fiefdom and get to a real alarm company.They trumpet their equiptment as something special but it is made by other companies and use.The ill conceived eyesore Control set is the laughing stock of the industry.

  88. We have had AT&T Digital Life for a year now and have been very satisfied. The first few days after setup it was a little confusing but tech support on the phone was very helpful.

  89. I usually do not leave reviews but in this case I am beyond fed up with this service to where I feel it would only be fair to everyone else to read this before deciding to join AT&T Digital life. I have been a customer since Jan. 2015 and since it has been nothing but problems. 1st of all lets be clear… I have NOT had an issue with the way the service works but however, there is HUGE downfall in their communication with clients/ customers. I was offered a free door package for a year only to see that I was being charged for it every month. So, I would call AT&T to let them know and after being on hold for about 40 min to an hour they would credit me. The following month’s bill came in and again the same issue, so I spent another 40 min to an hour on the phone. Finally, I was moving and decided to cancel my service but I was offered a GREAT package “MOVE IN SPECIAL” so because I felt that besides all the calling their service was fine, I went along and took them with me. Ever since I have been in this new home AT&T has had me up the wall with me constantly having to call. 1st they give me an installation appointment which they cancel on the SAME day after I called out of work. Then the camera doesn’t function properly. They come to install again. NOW my bill is incorrect AGAIN! It is just beyond ridiculous!!! I will NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. I am canceling!!!!

  90. Purchased an alarm in Nov 2013 Digital Life Account 111033132267. I sold my home in July 2015 and called them to notify of my relocation. They stated in July they do not service that area and to leave the equipment for the new homeowners. Also I would not be responsible for the remaining months on my 2 year contract. Well since then, they have billed me for early termination of the contract. I called back in August shocked to receive a bill and the representative checked my new address and stated they could service the new address. I told them this is not what I was told in July and then tried to get me to do a credit check and get a new system. This is not what I was told in July and it is obvious I had been a loyal customer since November 2013 until July. Now they are billing me due to some information their customer service rep provided to me and now want me to pay the balance. These practices are deceptive and I would recommend NO ONE to do business with AT&T Digital Life. STAY AWAY.

    Very disappointing and I will share my story with EVERYONE I KNOW, website, BBB, etc. This is really sad.

  91. Horrible! Waste of time and horrible customer service. I almost got in a fight with the technician. He was yelling at me in my house. When I called them he called his boss and blocked my account and nobody did anything! Customer service is garbage!!

  92. Mine is a complaint…. Today ( 09/14/2015) was the 2nd time a technician came to my home. The first time supervisors were supposed to have relayed to them to bring 2 additional cameras on their truck-that did not happen the first time nor today. It is not their fault….I was specific and clear that I was purchasing a package that was confirmed by At&t recording the call that if the cameras were not a part of the first visit of the technicians that I would cancel the order (My initial order was for 4 cameras-only 2 were mailed. The aforementioned also included supervisors not sending my mail prior to visit of technician today 3 motion sensors…this is totally ridiculous that supervisors can be so deceptive and misleading just to sell products.

  93. This is the worst alarm system! Before this system, I had ADT and a rep in one of the AT&T stores convinced me to sign up for service. When the tech came to install my system, I didn’t realize they would have to put a huge box covering a quarter of my living room wall and an outdated keypad. After a few months my motion sensor would only work when it wanted to. We would be walking around for 5 minutes before it would detect us. The camera does not show anything in the dark like their competitors do. When I called about it, they didn’t care. When I made them aware of the motion sensor issues, I was told they would send me a new one but I had to install it myself because there is a fee for them to come out. Even though I have faulty equipment! Also, I never received the sensor in the mail and it has been a few months now. I am constantly on hold for 20 minutes when I call as if they don’t have enough staff. I can’t wait until my contract is up!

  94. I just had my AT&T Life installed. Low and behold less than 2 months it says door open although the door is closed so I cannot activate the alarm when we go out. Now I called AT&T Life support system. They told me I have 2 options: 1) they will send me a box and replace and install the sensor myself or 2) they will send a tech who will come and fix it but I have to pay $99.99 for the service. What the heck! If the technician who knows how to install it professionally misses the spot how much more me who doesn’t have a clue on what I am doing. I asked her why I have to pay. She said the technician is on their contract so the don’t have control on whether they charge or not or how much. If these won’t be fixed and they charge me that much then I might as well disconnect it. If it goes caput now even if it is newly installed, how much more in the long run and how many times should I pay $99.99 for them to come and check what’s wrong with the equipment or the whole system!

  95. We went to the store and got everything delivered to our house for our security system. We had to pick a date two weeks out to get our security system hooked up. My husband and I waited around on a Saturday between 1-4 like they told us and then no one showed up. I called the AT&T Digital Life number and they tell me: “Ohh I’m sorry your appointment has been cancelled because we don’t have a tech that can help you but we can reschedule your appointment.” They acted like it was no big deal and just wanted to reschedule our appointment. I asked to speak to a manager and they said one will call me back within 30 minutes. Needless to say it’s been almost 2 hours and I still haven’t gotten a call back.

  96. AT&T Digital Life offers a substandard service and once your are out of your trial period, they are unwilling to accommodate you and refer you to their iron clad contract! Their keypad does not allow you to enter a distress code and instead you must hit a clearly marked police response button and hit the pound button. Therefore, if you are taken hostage or forced to open your door for an intruder, you would not be able to covertly signal for help. This has recently happened in my neighborhood. Distress codes are standard with most other alarm companies and clearly demonstrate how Digital Life is substandard. Moreover, their siren is complete junk, and my smoke alarm is louder. It cannot be heard outside of my home. They do not offer an outdoor alarm, which is standard with ADT’s system and is a major deterrent. If my house is broken into when I am not home, I would like my neighbors to know. I have made several complaints to customer service and even asked to recommend these things to AT&T’s corporate office, and their customer service department is not willing to work with me or provide me with a method to contact their corporate office. Their only solution is to up-sale me another indoor siren at full price ($79.99). I get junk mail and phone calls from them on an almost weekly basis trying to up-sell me cameras and door locks despite my frequent attempts to get them to stop. Their system is the same as a do it your self system, they just charge you to provide and install the system. As a dissatisfied AT&T Digital Life customer, I would strongly recommend consumers look elsewhere!

    • As for the siren, I know my community has a noise ordinance that home alarms can’t be heard outside the home and that the decibel level has to be below a certain level. So ATT meets those requirements. And mine allows a distress code separate from the regular code. I set it up via the website and the tech tested it.

  97. Do not ever get Digital Life services! What a scam! $559 to cancel because they refused me a technician multiple times until we canceled our Internet and found another provider to replace them. All because their system was pulling all my bandwidth away. 4 months and a tech out every week before verse decided their Digital Life service was causing all our problems. Called Digital Life to set up a tech to fix it and they refused me an appointment. Their suggestions were to pay $99 to get one out or upgrade my bandwidth. Now I was pulling 18M which should have been plenty sufficient considering the security runs off of 3G services and uses the Internet as just a back up. Also we had had the same problems at the old house running off 3M which they were able to fix then without issues. So if they could fix the problem with us running off 3M using TV Internet and Digital Life, how come they can’t provide the same service off of 18M running just Internet and security. After refusing to send a tech and forcing us to cancel then we are still held liable for a cancelation fee. And now they want to send a tech after the fact. After four months of Internet security hell! Terrible company horrible service and appalling customer service. Plus it took me 3 days and several hours just to get ahold of a supervisor! Totally exhausted. Such crap I’m going up the tier with this until someone can fix this I am not paying $559 for canceling a company that would not live up to their duties. Oh and if any of you work in a call center like myself put in your notes so you don’t screw up someone’s stuff. If you do that people won’t have to call in multiple times and then finally turn into psychos. What is up with these companies? I mean come on it’s not hard to provide excellent customer care it’s common sense, provide the care you’d expect if you were on the other end of the line.

    • I can already see that I’m in for the same ride!! And I agree with all of your rationale!! Bottom line is to provide top notch customer service in business! Common sense!! Looks like AT&T got in over their heads on this one!!!

      • Oh,-forget this company-impossible to deal with. If you call, you will be on hold forever. They are not customer service orientated. They are the epitome of everything that is wrong with corporate America. Find a local alarm company-you will be better served.

      • Oh,-forget this company-impossible to deal with. If you call, you will be on hold forever. They are not customer service orientated. They are the epitome of everything that is wrong with corporate America. Find a local alarm company-you will be better served.

  98. Location: Phoenix, Arizona

    AT&T Digital Life is horrible, I would not recommend them to anyone. They failed to mention that I was locked into a 24 month contract and that it would cost me $400 to cancel early. I wasn’t even home when they installed the equipment so no one ever went over any type of rules or policies. Their customer service is also horrible and I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told they would have to call me back, but they never did. Read the fine print because they failed to mention all the important details.

  99. Do not sign up! I have not had the service long, however it has been a nightmare. I had my alarm going off and tried to call, I could not. The number kept telling me to check the number and try again. Today I spoke to Brent from Tech Support, he told me “it was because they were receiving to many calls.” I question that should not happen when you call a security company. He said “that is why there is 911 if it was an emergency.” I spoke to Adrian in billing and she was unhelpful and on the edge of rude. Because they know you can’t cancel so their staff it unhelpful! My system loses power often and no one calls to check or follow up. This was the biggest mistake, I do not feel safe at all!

  100. Location: Tampa, Florida

    I’d love for the tone of this review to turn around but I’d have to say that at approximately 10 weeks after I signed the agreement for the AT&T home security system, my ratings on almost all levels would be ‘one star’. At the outset it’s a bummer to be told that it’ll take six weeks for the initial installation, but OK.

    It’s an even greater bummer to wait for the full six weeks and have the appointment that took 5 hours to not be sufficient to complete the job. I’d have been happy to allow all day and all night if need be, but there was absolutely no warning it take so long.

    What now? You guessed it, another month of waiting for an 8 AM to 12 PM slot. I received a call saying the tech was on the way at 11:59, the tech had just been assigned to the job. It took him 4 more hours and he could not complete the job due to lack of inventory on truck. Makes sense. The tech didn’t even know about the job until 15 min before he called me.

    Guess what? Another month wait! In the meantime the system refuses to arm itself and the front door refuses to open. I’ve contacted the sales rep 3 times and no action.

    I now give them zero stars.

    • I noted above that it remains to be seen if AT&T can meet Customer Service demands. I am three months into the *installation*, having had two installation appts, at 4 to 6 week intervals, no possibility of moving them up. First appt, unable to complete in 5 hr and no suggestion that more time be allowed. Wait a month and a second installation can not be completed because planned inventory was *not* on the truck. Turns out I was given a “virtual appointment” and didn’t actually have one. This is absolutely the worst customer experience I have ever had. I would not endure this if the equipment were free, which it certainly is not.

  101. Upon moving from Ks to temporary housing for an undisclosed period of time (still being in a contract), they refused to waive our cancellation fee because we do not have a “residential address” and they can’t verify that the service can not be transferred. We were willing to set up Digital Life in our new residence once established however, even a supervisor could not help. This has added undo stress to our family and we will never use AT&T for Digital Life or Uverse. They are not a family friendly company and seem only to care about their cancellation fee $159 and not retaining or establishing new customers. Beware!

  102. I ordered AT&T security monitoring as a referral from a family member who went with the home automation package. The initial sales call started online until someone called and was quick to charge our credit card but was providing a good deal. We were going to be set up for 5 door sensors, 2 motion, 1 garage and 2 cameras for $125 equipment costs and $49 a month monitoring. My installation was scheduled during the work week for 1-4pm. The installer called at 10am to see if he could come out but I did not plan to be home at that time so told him to come at the scheduled 1pm-4pm. The installer never came even after numerous calls to AT&T at 2pm, 4pm and 5:30pm. We were very annoyed at this inconvenience and decided to cancel the service as our first impression was negative. The other aspect that has been annoying is having to wait 30-45 minutes each of the times we called to speak to billing or customer care. We tried to call again to give them a second chance but now they want to charge us a $40 account reactivation fee and lose any other credits they were offering at the time of account cancellation which I think is absurd. I think anyone who is considering AT&T either does their due diligence or hope for a better experience than what I went through. On top of that, we are now responsible for returning the equipment to the post office and hope that our credit card is refunded.

  103. Digital LIfe is the worst system anyone could get. I have to continuously make phone calls every billing cycle because they continue billing me extra for a system I do not have. Aside from that, I just called them today and their office is closed! Seriously? What kind of system is this? I wish I never got it, now I am stuck in a two year contract and very dissatisfied with their system and customer service.

  104. I’ve had nothing but problems since I have signed up for this service. The techs never showed up for the first service call. They were late for the next call and were there for hours. The video camera was junk that looked nothing like the one in the store. There aren’t ways to adjust certain things like the beeping sound your doors and windows make when opened. Customer service is the worst I have ever seen. Hands down. I’ve had service reps make me cry because they have been so rude and frustrating and unwilling to help. The reps will tell you that digital life isn’t AT&T. Billing is a mess. I regret ever getting this service.

  105. You are absolutely correct! I actually worked with Mastec as a digital life installer. The company is totally focused on “duration”! This is basically a tool for the company to asses production from their technicians. The problem that I saw with this was, all the technicians were under a terrible amount of pressure to get through jobs lightning fast but AT&T customers are suffering from the quality given to them by Mastec. With the pressure set by the area manager in the Miami market, I can only say that they should not set time constraints when it come to security for the public! The many of jobs I went on and several of my coworkers stated that the customer will continue to get a Mickey Mouse job until Mastec fixes the way they score the technicians. Sorry, but if you are in the market for a system, I would never recommend this to anyone. Check all your options and please do your homework before installing AT&T Digital Life home security. Leroy.lacy@mastec.com Miami area manager for AT&T Digital Life for Mastec if you need to lodge a complaint about your system!

    • This very true. I was a former installer and when I was hired we were hourly. They switched us to piece rate and things got even worse. For me personally I have many years of installation of structured cabling and a little bit of hardwired alarm systems. So I was pretty efficient with my installs. However, WHEN (not if) I ran into issues during an install I wouldn’t sacrifice quality for speed. I was in someone’s home. That alone should deman respect of their comfort. I didn’t give ANY thought of the technician scorecard. It’s nothing but a way to micro manage without having to hear it. I no longer work for that sub rate company and will NEVER pursue any position with them again. I would gladly sleep under a bridge with my entire family before ever making that company a nickel from my labor

    • I myself am a DLT “Digital Life Technician” I’ve been working with Digital Life for over 3 years, honestly it’s all based on the technician and how well he or she was trained. If you have a house over 6k square feet this system is NOT for you, and most likely will experience problems, the DLC “Digital Life Controller” should be placed as centralized in your house as possible!! NOT IN THE BASEMENT!! I’ve traveled all over the country doing installs and see the hack work some technicians do and really I feel so bad for the customer’s, most states don’t even require techs to have licenses, in the New England area you have to have a license most are electricians,or licensed security installers. and yes they do want you to get the job done quickly, and that’s where experience comes in, myself and Co-workers can easily do 2 6-7 hr jobs a day in about 3-4 hrs a piece because we know the system have been doing it for years, know how and where to place devices, what works and what doesn’t. I always explain to the customer step by step, on what I’m doing how I’m doing it so there is no surprise. If they will not let me place the DLC anywhere but the basement even after I explain IT’S A Wireless signal thick floors,concrete,insulation ect will block the signal then I put a smile on and say ok I’ll do as you wish. Some people expect the world out of things and can never be pleased I’ve meet them all, worked in multi-million dollar houses to the projects and i treat them all the same, if the customer gives me the time of day to give a proper walk thru and customer education then they probably wont have any issues,Honestly it’s a good system for home security and home automation,

  106. I have never had a company with so many people that never follow thru. They installed the whole system outside of my walls. I called and canceled they never canceled. I called the day they were going to come out to take it out and they gave me the wrong day. They never followed thru with returning the equipment. I have spent a number of hours on hold no one has any ability to get anything done. I have been on hold for over 2 hours and still have not gotten to the billing department. NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY.

  107. I absolutely disagree. If you are fined, it is because you did not call and request a tech to repair the faulty sensor. An alarm is just like any other appliance; if you do not take care of it properly, it will cost you money. You cannot expect anyone to read your mind or do things for you. This service is great! I just went through a really rough time with a family member (and still experiencing some issues), but I am at ease because I know that I can look at my camera any time of the day to see if someone is snooping around my house. I can also set my alarm if I forget to on my way out along with being able to open / close the garage door from my phone as well. I have had other alarm services that were more expensive and NO comparison to what you get for the monthly price. I pay $55/ mo for alarm service, cameras, glass breaking sensors and all windows and doors montitored.

  108. Do not sign up for this service, you have been warned. The customer service is horrendous, every time you call, you get a new person who basically tells you the complete opposite of what the person you spoke to originally says. No one knows what they’re doing – I was told by 5 different people (sales, techs, and support) that my dog’s bark wouldn’t set off our glass break sensor. Turns out, he sets it off EVERY SINGLE DAY when the mailman comes. We’ve had the system for 13 days and have had to call AT&T 8-9 times during this 13 day period with various issues. Go with a company that actually specializes in security, not a company that offers this service as an add-on. Trust me, do not get this service, you will be very sorry.

  109. I purchased this system Thanksgiving weekend with the understanding that there was a promotion for a camera to be included. I had the system installed mid-Dec. With my first bill, I was charged two $33.33 installments towards a $100 camera. My second bill had a third $33 charge. Since then, I have had numerous calls with customer service and the store where purchased. I have been given the run around. They are refusing to credit my account for the $100 camera even though all of my paperwork has it clearly shown as $0 due. Now I am on the phone with customer service AGAIN and I think they just hung up on me! I had ADT for 14 years with zero issues. I only changed to AT&T Digital Life FOR THE FREE CAMERA! The system itself works okay except once the alarm went off in the middle of the night because one of the glass breaks had a false reading. That was fun. I would not recommend this system to anyone.

  110. The sales people just promise anything to get their commission. They could not install the energy package, I had to cancel the service and they could not reinstall my existing Alarm System. A lot of costs and time wasting.

  111. Location: Nashville, TN

    Horrible Service! I had AT&T installed on Feb 21. I was told I had 30 days to decide if I wanted it. I was also told it would be bundled. I received my first bill on March 9 and there was no bundle and it was $49! Crazy, I was paying $31 with Comcast. So I called to see if all bills are going to be this high. I waited on hold forever! Then the guy said I only had 14 days to cancel it – totally different from what installation people said. Now he says I have to pay $600 to cancel it, TERRIBLE! What has it been 16 days? How are you supposed to know it wasn’t bundled if the bill hasn’t come yet? I can’t afford $600 to cancel so I will have to wait 2 years, which is not fair! I am extremely unhappy! I also got the TV bundle which I thought my home security was included with, SCAM! In 2 years I will cancel it all and never use AT&T again!

    • Amy Comcast,Att,Time Waner all have one thing in common they are not alarm companies they are telephone and cable companies.They suck at that and suck even more at alarms because they have no one who knows alarms to train them.As treacherous as adt is at least they have someone there who understands the alarm business.

  112. I agree with Max, don’t sign up for their service. I have not had a correct bill yet. Even with over 4 hours on the phone since December! Now when I want to cancel, they hang up on me.

  113. Location: Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania

    I was weary of going with AT&T due to their customer service however I decided to give it a shot. So far it has exceeded my expectations in every way shape and form. They have a whole customer care center that only deals with Digital Life, so it has nothing to do with their cell call centers. I had a problem with one of the sensors, I called in and next day they had someone there to fix it no charge at all. Tremendous customer care in my opinion.

  114. I have ZERO faith in this company. Had them for 6 months and it is awful. System is constantly down. Twenty minute hold times for help. They tell me I have to go to the box to troubleshoot (read: fix it myself). When you enter codes on the system, they don’t take. Installation took hours. A week later we had a tech come out because it stopped working. A week after that it stopped working again. Unbelievable. Worst decision of my life to have this piece of junk installed in my home. Don’t do it!

    • Jenny, the system took hours to install? Did you expect them to use an alarm genie to install it? He says shazam and your home is instantly protected? People like you with no patience need to buy a dog.The lesson you should learn is AT&T is not and never will be an alarm company. I’m sorry that you didn’t know.

  115. Location: Atlanta, GA

    Home automation is fun and works well, until one of the devices fails. Then support to fix it sucks. The thermostat went offline and it is15 degrees outside. It took 3 days to get someone out to fix it. I’ve got ice cycles under my nose and fires of ire in my eyes.

    • Like any other alarm company, there is no such thing as instant service. Alarm companies don’t have techs waiting like fireman waiting to slide down a pole and rushing off to your house.

  116. Do not buy this crap. I’m an AT&T cellular customer. Went to their store to upgrade some phones and was basically sold a bag of goods and lied to.

    I already had a hard wired alarm system with window and door sensors, smoke and CO sensors, throughout a 2000 sq ft home.

    Was sold on new keypad (6) sensors and (2) cameras and their app. Also told that my existing system could be tied into their system.(approx $250 and $54/month)

    Technician comes to my house cannibalizes my existing hard wired system. Installs the (6) wireless sensors. (they have expensive batteries that need to be changed yearly) The (2) hard wired cameras needed to be plugged into my outlets. They never even discussed how they were going to run the wiring just did it. The wiring and the plug for the cameras was an eyesore and I could no longer use the outlet.
    They get everything to work and are about to walk out the door. I look up at my smoke detectors and realize that they don’t have any power.

    Here the technician disconnected the power to my existing system and removed the wires from the backup battery.
    Now I dont have any smoke or CO detection for my house.

    He tells me if I want that option I need to buy their battery powered smoke detectors at ($80/per). I have (8) so that’s another $640.

    At this point I said why would I want a detector that I had to put a $10 battery in every year when I have a hard wired one there now. Don’t you sell a hard wired detector that works with your system ( BTW- I know they make them).

    Slept on this overnight and called the next day and told them to take everything out.
    The tech came out uninstalled everything and took all the parts with him.

    At this point, I’m thinking that I’ll be refunded and get most of my money back. (2) weeks later I get a bill for the monthly fee.

    Here they never cancelled the service in their system. I call and ask about my money for the parts and am told the technician never returned them so I cant get my refund until he returns them to their warehouse. Now I’m pissed. I said “what if he decides to never return them?” How am I supposed to get my money back. I ask to speak to a manager and find out if they’re part of the better business bureau.

    They come back on and say that they are reaching out to the tech and willl contact me within 48 hours.

    I’m still waiting and am finding out if they are part of the BBB.

    Please stay away. I have a local alarm contractor reconnecting my system for $400 bucks and installing (2) superior cameras with a Honeywell App. I’m only paying $18/month with a 3 year contract.

    Thank god I got out before the $750 cancellation deadline.

    • You have some valid points. However, your assessment of what happened to your old alarm shows that you have no knowledge of alarm systems.The tech should have explained all this before doing any work. The problem is AT&T does not do any of the work on installs, but has inferior DirecTV and AT&T Digital Life installers from a very shady company called Mastec.T hey have another pretender company called Endeavor who does telecom work. The core issue is that neither of these companies are alarm companies. They have DirecTV and telecom techs who are judged only by how fast they put in jobs and sell stuff. Quality is an after thought. The techs are not really alarm people and they have no trainers who are alarm people. As far as your batteries go, they are said to last 7 years by the manufacturer, but 3 years is generally how long most last. As far as your old smoke detectors, fire code regulations prevent anyone from using your old fire equipment. These people are peel and stick installers and have nearly no wire running or wire fishing skills. Speed is all that matters and the customers are the ones at risk when using these companies.The customer service for digital life is below non existent.To say calling at customer service is a waste of time lost forever would be a compliment it is much worse than even that.

  117. First, let me begin by admitting that I’m a home automation geek and have been cobbling together X-10 systems for 15 years with success. That being said, the Digital Life system, based on the Z-wave technology, is vastly superior and has been exceedingly reliable. We have most of what DL offers: security, programmable thermostats, outdoor cameras, garage door opener, lighting control and water sensors.

    Let me give you a couple of examples of how handy the DL system has been for us. Most importantly, one day last fall I was driving our son to college while my wife and daughter were going to fly out two days later. As I was somewhere in the middle of Tennessee, I got a text from my water heater (which lives in the attic) that water was leaking. Fearing a potential catastrophic failure, I immediately called my wife. She went up to check and sure enough one of the hot water heaters in the attic had a bunch of water in the pan. She called the home warrantee company and they were out the next day with a new water heater. We could rest easy knowing that the pain suffered by our friends who, a couple of weeks later, had a water leak on the second floor of their house and lost the use of most of it for 7 months was not going to happen to us!

    One of the other features we like is the thermostat control. When we are gone, we set the thermostat low or high, depending on the season, so that we can save money on utility bills. The cool thing is that when we land at our home airport, we can adjust the thermostats from our smartphones and change the temperature to a comfortable level. Our house is either toasty or chilled, again depending on the season, by the time we get home!

    Finally, a feature we like is being able to link sensors and activities. For example, I have set the light over the kitchen table to come on when the garage door opens so that my wife can see what she is doing when she puts her purse down by the kitchen table and negotiates the breakfast room. That link is only active between 6 and 9 in the evening, so the light isn’t going on and off at other times of the day. The second linked activity we like is that when we open our bedroom windows in the fall and spring, the thermostat turns off. That way, if temperatures rise or drop more than usual, we aren’t trying to warm or cool the great outdoors.

    I could go on and on about lots of other features, like when I get a ride home with a friend I can open the garage door from my phone, but I think you get the gist of how we use the fantastic array of features that are available with AT&T Digital Life. It gets two very enthusiastic and high thumbs up from us!

    • Every company can provide these services unlike atts mastec and endeavor in a professional manner.The digital life control set is the size of a small air conditioner and has multiple antennas with an huge transformer.

  118. I just want to change my review rating from a 2 to a 10 now that I have received my new unit and have talked to several people over the phone with their company. I had a lady call me personally to try and fix any problems that I went through and they even credited my bill for the time I was down! They really went above and beyond to get any problem resolved so far! We are still working and trying new things with the cellular service because I am no getting a good reception inside my home. But AT&T Digital Life is a fine company to deal with. I am staying with them as long as I’m alive because they are cheaper and better than any other provider that I have talked with and tried to deal with! So yes thank you ATT Digital Life for your help and I apologize for jumping the gun and not getting ahold of
    the right people to deal with. You have made me a proud and happy customer.

    • One very important pro about digital life you left out is it has a control panel separate from the keypad witch in my opinion sets it above competitors like ADT/ Vivint/ Monitronics/ & so on the issue with making the keypad the control panel is its very easy to disable making it unsecured and leaving the home owner vulnerable

  119. I’ve had the system for 2 weeks and it has yet to work. I can’t cancel the service because I keep getting disconnected or place on hold forever. I’ve had 5 tech visits to fix the system and the haven’t been able to resolve the issue. They now claim I’m in contract and owe the money for a service that never worked.

  120. On Monday I took off five hours of work for the alarm to be installed. Five minutes after the alarm was installed I called and made an appointment to resolve many problems.

    First, the sound of the alarm is a loud and piercing beep that sends my dog running for cover. I don’t think this sound would do anything to deter a burglar and by the time I would hear it the burglar would already in my house and my dog will not be protective as she is trying to hide from the noise.

    Second, the person who installed the alarm didn’t even ask me where the box should go and it is in my dinning room! He also placed a motion detector in the living room on top of another without asking me. He also left tools.

    I feel completely unsafe in my home. I am appalled that I let myself be talked into this shoddy service by the salespeople. I came into the store to look into Uverse TV and walked away with a nightmare situation with a completely inefficient alarm. I am appalled that they sell this service, that my valid concerns haven’t been addressed in any way, and that I have had to contact them numerous times, with nothing being done but shoddy assurances and sending me to other people. .

    I am so depressed I gave up my old alarm service for this and can’t get them back without a bunch of charges and a $30 monthly fee increase for life.

  121. I typically never take the time to write reviews — too much effort, but wanted to share given how awful it’s been. If limited to one word to describe ATT DIgital Life: Pathetic. Service is awful…long waits on hold. Nobody returns phone call. Sometimes they call all the numbers when an alarm goes off…sometimes they don’t. Repeater has been offline at least 5 times in my house and they can never seem to fix it. Service reps don’t arrive on time, and they don’t call. Nobody seems to really care…it’s as if they realize it’s a horrible product & service and nothing ever gets fixed. My family will cancel the first day we’re able, and we’ll toss uVerse over the side as well given this horrible experience.

  122. Introduced to Digital Life at the Tampa Home Show. We had seen commercials, but didn’t give much thought. We were still under contract with Guardian Protection for 5 more months. Mike, the sales rep, signed us up, offering to cover the cost of 3-5 months w/Guardian by giving us “free” add on’s. Always wanted home automation, so this was the ideal mix of security and that. After some misunderstandings (verified in emails), about what were getting and the costs, with Mike over the next week before our install, I contacted Zack in customer service. He convinced us not to cancel, told us the service tech would look at the emails and work it out. The install tech, Steven did just that and more. He was top notch, knew the product, worked on our schedule, and gave us the pricing I understood to be offered to us! Zack and Steven both deserve a “job very well done” vote! Steven is coming tomorrow to install the outside camera which is state of the art. I can monitor everything from my Android Galaxy S4 smartphone. 5 stars so far!

  123. Terrible, incompetent and unethical! Alarm system stopped working after four months and we had three appointments to try and fix it. The first time they were unable to correct the problem so we had to reschedule. The second time TWO technicians came out, worked on it and said the system was working. Ten minutes later it stopped working. I schedule a third time with the stipulation that if they were unable to fix it they would waive the $200 early cancellation fee. They showed up at the wrong house and said I failed to show for the appointment so I needed to reschedule!

      • That’s not true. If you’re not gonna renew the contract they will just take all the equipment except the door locks, keypad, thermostat, and window/door sensors.

      • Actually once equipment is installed and you are out of buyer remorse period the equipment belongs to you. This means if you need to transfer services because you are moving, anything you can uninstall yourself you can take with you because you own it. Additionally, in transferring they will open a new account and provide new equipment with everything that is included with packages you previously had. The only time DL will uninstall is if you cancel during buyer remorse period.

    • Yes, but it is worthless because AT&T made devices only it can use and no other alarm company could take it over. It also does not work after your contract expires.

  124. Don’t sign up for this service. If your alarm goes off for faulty sensors or windows being opened accidentally, they call you. But if you don’t pick up the phone, they will instantly dispatch the local sheriff and guess what – it will cost you $500 a trip. Other monitoring services have their own security details. This product should be priced at $25/month for all packages and alert you via phone, text or email. Its more a monitoring service than a security service. We don’t turn our system on. We plan to switch over to ADT for security services and simply keep AT&T for monitoring services. I am surprised how the government gave permission for these people to even do the security services. It’s an expensive and dumb monitoring service.

    • The process of calling your phone when an alarm is triggered is pretty standard across the industry. So is calling the authorities if you do not answer your phone. Most services allow you to add more than one phone number though, so that way the monitoring station will try to contact you in more than one way. But if they don’t hear from you, the assumption is that you are not home or in duress, thus the reason for the authorities.

      Have you confirmed that the ADT service in your area has a private security detail? While I have heard of this, it is fairly uncommon. Thanks for the feedback and best of luck in your search for a new security provider.

    • Looks like we made a good decision in canceling our appt for meeting with the salesperson or installer. When scheduling the appt, we were told we were under no obligation. Next thing I know two boxes of equipment showed up on our porch. Then I began receiving calls and emails from ATT Digital life. When I did not login or respond to emails, I received a phone call and the caller insisted that I had signed up for an installation. I called the original sales rep I had made the arrangements with and she said he was mistaken. I left the appt in place. Then I got several calls on my voicemail and they replayed over and over using all of my voicemail space so others could not leave me a message. The is phone company and they obviously know all the tricks except how to communicate professionally. The final blow and what finally caused me to cancel my appt all together was when I received a phone call at 7:35 am from an ATT rep who said he was the ATT sales rep and would be at my home at 8 AM. Our appt had been scheduled to occur between 1 – 4 pm and my husband had planned to be home during that time. We immediately canceled our appt and are now left with two boxes of equipment that we are told we must take to a post office. My plan is to take them to the local ATT store where the sale person works and let her and her manager deal with returning the merchandise. Maybe this will alert them to the fact that ATT has a communication problem. Ironic – a telephone company that does not know how to communicate by telephone. Don’t get hooked into signing up. I fear you will be sorry.

      • I agree 100% that the communication skills are completely lacking. I’m only 2 weeks into the 30 day trial period and am already experiencing terrible communication and services!! It is an indication of what is to come for the next 2 years! Considering canceling the contract!!

        • I agree, I have had the system less than three weeks and am receiving incorrect billing by $150. When I called to complain I was told that if I didn’t pay and my account was suspended that I would have to pay $50 fee. If I cancelled $600 fee. Terrible customer service but great sales people. I’m sick of this

    • Completely false. If you open a device accidentally when system is armed, you have sufficient time to disarm system and no one will call you or send a sheriff. If unarmed, nothing will happen. All devices and system is certified and comes with life time warranty. I got a device replaced for free

    • My first experience was only after a week when I tripped the alarm accidentally and while disarming the alarm I got a call immediately, they called as required and I missed the call in all the confusion of disarming procedure. They acknowledged the alarm by voicemail and I waited for them to call back. They never did. So I could have been away and they didn’t make a follow up call nor did I receive a text saying anything about the alarm sounding off. That seems to be an indication of what is in store for the future!

    • You will get less service with ADT than with ATT, trust me. With ADT, they don’t even contact you if the alarm goes off. You will always be charged.

  125. What if I move to an area where Digital Life is not available? If the new home is not in an eligible service area, you can cancel your existing service without an early termination fee (ETF).

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