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AT&T Digital Life Review: Great Equipment, High Price Tag

AT&T Digital Life


AT&T Digital Life offers solid options for home security packages. Unlike other telecom companies, AT&T Digital Life lets you use its security systems without being an AT&T customer for cable or internet service. AT&T also offers à la carte options so you can customize your home security package to fit your needs.

Unfortunately, that flexibility comes at a steep price. At $39.99 a month, AT&T Digital Life’s entry-level package is notably pricier than most security-only companies’ cheapest packages. On top of that, AT&T Digital Life will also charge you an up-front one-time equipment fee starting at $549.99.

AT&T’s two-year contract is shorter than a lot of security companies’, but if you cancel early, you’ll be charged a pretty hefty early termination fee. That could certainly put a damper on things, depending on your budget.

AT&T Digital Life Pros and cons


  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Free professional installation
  • Remote access on any device
  • Home automation integration


  • Steep fees for starting service and early termination
  • Credit approval required for contract

Compare plans

Smart SecuritySmart Security and AutomationPremium Security and Automation
One-time equipment fee$549.99$549.99$849.99
Professional monitoring
Remote door access
Video monitoring
Thermostat control
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One-time equipment fee
Professional monitoring
Remote door access
Video monitoring
Thermostat control
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Smart SecuritySmart Security and AutomationPremium Security and Automation
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Data effective 10/25/2018. Offers subject to change.


AT&T Digital Life offers three packages, all of which require credit approval and cost a bit more than average. No matter what package you choose, you’ll have to pay up front for all your security equipment—$549.99 for the first- and second-tier packages, and $849.99 for the premium package.

If you’re looking at the Smart Security package, we suggest ordering with a representative over the phone.

If you’re looking at the Smart Security package, we suggest ordering with a representative over the phone. Even though you can order the package online, when we called, the one-time equipment fee dropped from $549.99 to $349.99. So even if you loathe talking on the phone, saving $200 is worth it in our book.

The prices for AT&T’s home security offerings get steeper if you add extra security equipment to your package. If you wanted to add a video camera to your Smart Security package, for example, your monthly fee would go up by only $9.99—but you’d be responsible for a one-time equipment fee of $199.99 up front.

Because of that, we recommend being absolutely sure about choosing AT&T before you commit to a contract. As soon as 14 days after installation, choosing early termination will cost you around $640 for the most basic package. If you do cancel before your 14 days are up, you may have to pay a $99 restocking fee for all equipment you return.

Features and equipment

The equipment included with an AT&T Digital Life security system is pretty standard. But one particular bright spot among its offerings is the conversion kit. For $99.99, you may be able to reuse your preexisting wired door and window sensors with your new AT&T security system.

During installation, your technician will let you know what can and cannot be used with the kit—it can be a great way to save a little coin and make use of preexisting security equipment.

Customer service

Feedback on customer service for AT&T Digital Life is mixed. While the equipment is high quality, some customers complain about poor installation procedures, high costs, and extra fees.

Customer service can also be spotty. In terms of convenience, AT&T excels. It offers customer service specifically aimed at Digital Life customers 24/7 with options to call or chat online. In my own experience, chatting online was straightforward: there wasn’t a long wait time, and my representative was knowledgeable.

It looks like AT&T is betting on customers to call in or chat with their representatives too. Only the most basic security package is listed online, and to get any information about the other two, you have to open an online chat or call the AT&T Digital Life customer service number.

Our recommendation

AT&T Digital Life offers a solid service as far as home security goes. But the name recognition is doing most of the work. If you want the same equipment quality with more flexible contract terms and state-of-the-art home automation capabilities, you’re better off with Vivint. You’ll get more comprehensive security for the same amount of money, if not less.

How do you think AT&T Digital Life compares to our best home security systems? Tell us in the comments!

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