Categories on A Secure Life

Our categories are the main sections of our site, and house all of our articles. These are the main categories on A Secure Life®. Listed under each category are sub-categories:

  1. Home Security

    1. Security Systems

      1. Local Security Companies

  2. Online Security
  3. Personal Security

    1. Identity Theft
    2. Unsolicited Calls

  4. Financial Security

    1. Life Insurance

  5. Newsletters

As a rule of thumb, an article will only be placed in one category or subcategory. However, because some articles could technically fall under more than one category, will use what are called tags to provide an additional layer of navigation to help you narrow down articles that are of interest to you. Articles (or posts) are tagged with keywords that can help you find related topics of interest. Look at a tag as the words in the index of a book which you can use to quickly find what you're looking for.

You might also find our Sitemap useful, which contains a listing of all our categories (including how many articles each contains), as well as links to each of our articles, and links to each of our tags (including the number of posts available for each tag). Basically, site map is an index of everything on our site.