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Garage Door Security: Lock It Up!

Old Garage Door That is Not SecuredWe all worry about keeping our homes secure but we often forget about our garages. In fact, I bet most of you keep the door from your garage to your house unlocked. I know I used to. Have you ever thought of how easy it is to break into a garage? Think about it. You spend your time inside your house and probably don’t hear what’s going on in your garage. Someone could be breaking into your garage while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV. Here are some tips to garage door security so you and your home are safer!

Garage Door Security Tips

Cover or Frost Windows

It’s easy for an intruder to peek in a window and see all your valuables in the garage. This includes that brand new car you had been saving up for and finally purchased, the tools you got last year for Father’s Day and many other items! Lots of valuables are kept in the garage so why not keep them safe too? You can put a curtain or some other sort of cover from inside your garage. Another idea is frosting your garage windows. This is an easy safety precaution that makes it so no one can peek in your garage and see if your car is there. Because if they see your car is gone, they know that you are probably gone too, giving them free range of your property.

Close Your Overhead Door

We’re all guilty of it. “Oh I live in a safe area. No one’s going to steal from me. I’ll just leave the garage door open all day.” WRONG! Leaving your garage door open is dangerous. People passing by can look in and see all the great items you have. Gutsy people might even walk right in and take something in broad daylight. Once you pull your car in the garage you should close it. And double check that it closed fully as we have experienced first-hand the reopening after its closed phenomenon. For extra security, use a C-clamp to prevent the garage door from being opened on the track.

Lock Door From The Garage To Your House

You’re at your daughter’s soccer game while your garage gets broken into. Thankfully none of your family is home so they are out of danger. But what if you didn’t lock the door from your garage to your house? The intruder not only scours your garage but continues into your home and steals more of your belongings. Maybe if you had secured that door a little more you wouldn’t be missing so many items. Put a deadbolt on the door that goes from your garage to your home. Yes, I know it’s no fun having to get your keys out to unlock a door, but think about it. You just got out of your car so your keys are already in your hand. And, if you are really worried about the key inconvenience, you could always add a keyless door lock.

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Now for a scary scenario. You hear noises coming from your garage but the family is in the living room. Who could it be? An intruder perhaps! Have a wide-angle peephole installed in the door that goes from your house to your garage. That way you can take a look to see what’s going on without opening the door and putting you and your family at more risk. If you see or hear an intruder call the authorities immediately!

Your door from the garage to your house should be as secure as your front door. It should be made of strong, sturdy, and solid material like wood or steel. Installing an anti-kick device is a good idea as well so intruders can’t barge in with the swing of their leg.

Don’t Leave Your Car Keys In Your Car

Don’t leave your keys in your car while it’s in the garage. I never do this simply because I’m worried I’ll lock them in. But, in the case of a garage break-in, you just gave your intruder easy access to steal your shiny vehicle. They don’t even have to hot wire it.

Garage Remote

Those garage openers are so convenient, especially if they clip to your visor. With the push of a button, the door is open and you can pull right in. This scenario is for those of you who have too many belongings to fit in your house so you put them in the garage, leaving your car all alone in the driveway. Your car gets broken into and not only do they steal your car wash and parking money but also your garage door remote. Now they have access to your garage and if you’re someone who hasn’t secured that door from your garage to your home, the intruder also has free access to your home. Instead of a visor clip get a key chain garage remote opener that is not left in the car. That way your home is safe in the event of a car break-in or theft.


Install lights outside of your garage so it is well-lit. Intruders don’t like areas that are well-lit, so you’re already warding them off with your lighting!


Put your name on all your valuables. It’s more difficult to pawn things off when someone’s name is on them. Also, if possible try to conceal your belongings. That way when you pull your car in and out of your garage people outside can’t see the new, expensive sound system you just bought for when you’re changing the oil in your car.

Up Keep

Do general maintenance on all your doors, windows, and locks. Make sure none of them are rusting or falling apart. General up keep is important for keeping you safe.

Security System

Lastly and most obviously, install a home security system and spend a few extra bucks for the garage door sensors! This is the best way to keep your family, home, and garage safe. Many security companies include wireless garage door sensors, keypads, door/window sensors, and motion sensors all of which can be added to garages. You can check out our comparison chart of home alarm systems to see which companies have these features.

More Garage Security Tips

Do you have more garage door security tips that you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear them! Tell us how you secure your garage by commenting below!

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2 responses to “Garage Door Security: Lock It Up!”

  1. My family and I leave our garage door open most often on the weekends. We live in an older house and don’t really keep up with maintenance on the garage. I’d like to frost our windows to give us more privacy. Do you know how much it costs? Do you have to buy all new windows?

    • Hi Lindsey, thanks for the question. The answer really depends on your budget and whether you have the time and desire to work on this project yourself. In short, you do not need to buy all new windows and the pricing largely depends on your location and the type of frost you’d like to do. Replacing all of your windows and hiring professionals to complete frost your windows are the most expensive routes. If you want to DIY, here are some options: 1) use static cling film to cover windows, 2) etch the glass with a sandblaster, 3) coat windows in acrylic glaze. You can find DIY tutorials for these types of projects on the web. I hope this helps!

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