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LifeShield Review: Free Home Security Equipment Makes LifeShield a Budget-Friendly Choice

Overall rating

3/ 5

We like that LifeShield monitoring packages include free equipment and practical features, and we’re particularly excited to see that LifeShield gives customers mobile access with its lowest-tier package. The company’s biggest downsides are its negative customer service reputation and lack of home automation features.

Customer Service


Features & Equipment

We like that LifeShield monitoring packages include free equipment and practical features, and we’re particularly excited to see that LifeShield gives customers mobile access with its lowest-tier package. The company’s biggest downsides are its negative customer service reputation and lack of home automation features.


  • Transparency
  • Mobile access with base plan
  • Free equipment
  • Easy DIY install
  • Online customer resources
  • Fire and carbon monoxide protection with all plans
  • Cellular monitoring


  • No home automation
  • Limited customer service hours
  • Small equipment selection
  • Negative customer service reputation

Wouldn’t it be nice to protect your home without emptying your savings account to pay for expensive equipment? LifeShield might be able to help with that. When you sign up for home security monitoring from LifeShield, you get a base set of equipment for free.

Free equipment is a great perk—but what about the rest of LifeShield’s offerings? Read our review to find out what the company does well, how it could improve, and whether or not we’d recommend LifeShield to the average consumer.

What we like about LifeShield Home Security

One of the biggest benefits of choosing LifeShield is that you get free equipment when you sign up for a monitoring package. But free equipment isn’t the only thing we like about LifeShield. The company does a lot of other things right.

  • LifeShield is transparent about packages, features, and prices, which makes it easy to research your options.
  • You get mobile access and control with the base monitoring package. Most other companies in the home security industry don’t give you mobile access unless you pay for the second- or third-level packages.
  • You get some video capabilities with the middle-tier monitoring plan. Competitors usually don’t include video until you pay for the highest-priced package.
  • LifeShield systems use cellular monitoring—which is the most secure option. But you can also still get landline and broadband protection with your system.

How LifeShield could improve

While LifeShield gets a lot right, there are some ways it could improve.

Home automation: LifeShield doesn’t offer any home automation equipment and doesn’t pair with any third-party smart home devices. This puts LifeShield behind a lot of the competition. For example, Vivint’s higher-tier package is about $50 a month and includes lots of home automation features. LifeShield’s highest-tier package is also about $50, but it doesn’t come with any home automation.

Equipment selection: You can get LifeShield equipment for free, but you don’t have a lot of equipment to choose from. Most other home security companies offer a wider variety of home security equipment—things like freeze sensors and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors—but LifeShield offers only the basics. You can get a siren detector that will trigger an alert if your existing smoke or CO detector goes off, but you can’t actually get a smoke/CO detector that integrates with LifeShield’s system.

Customer service: Online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, but we should point out that most reviews of LifeShield are negative, and the company has a D- rating from the Better Business Bureau. While we’d caution against letting angry strangers on the internet have a huge impact on your purchasing decisions, the high volume of negative reviews is a bit worrying.

Home security monitoring costs

Package NameSecurity EssentialsSecurity AdvantageSecurity Professional
Contract length36 months36 months36 months
Package Name
Contract length
Security Essentials Security Advantage Security Professional
$29.99/mo. $39.99/mo. $49.99/mo.
36 months 36 months 36 months

These package prices are in line with the rest of the industry, but they’re a little closer toward the high end of the price range.

Package features

Package NameSecurity EssentialsSecurity AdvantageSecurity Professional
24/7 monitoring
Cellular, broadband, and landline monitoring
Mobile access/control
Smoke and carbon monoxide detector monitoring
Smash and Crash Protection
Video monitoring
Cloud video storage250MB1GB
Package Name
24/7 monitoring
Cellular, broadband, and landline monitoring
Mobile access/control
Smoke and carbon monoxide detector monitoring
Smash and Crash Protection
Video monitoring
Cloud video storage
Security Essentials Security Advantage Security Professional
250MB 1GB

Equipment options

LifeShield doesn’t offer nearly as much equipment as other companies, but you do get your equipment for free with a monitoring plan. If you need only the basics, LifeShield’s got you covered.

Security Essentials:

  • Base
  • Wireless security tablet
  • Keypad
  • Keychain remote
  • Motion sensor (1)
  • Door/window sensors (2)

Security Advantage:

  • Base
  • Wireless security tablet
  • Keypad
  • Keychain remote
  • Motion sensor (2)
  • Door/window sensors (6)
  • Wireless video camera (1)

Security Professional:

  • Base
  • Wireless security tablet
  • Keypad
  • Keychain remote
  • Motion sensor (2)
  • Door/window sensors (8)
  • Wireless video camera (2)
  • Glass break sensor

Our experience with LifeShield

Lifeshield ReviewWe got to try out some of LifeShield’s equipment for ourselves—the first thing we noticed was that while it was easy to set up, it didn’t have as many helpful instructions as other DIY systems. For example, Blink’s smartphone app walks you through the entire setup process with photos and quick videos. LifeShield gives some guidance in the app but without that level of detail.

LifeShield’s camera is extremely easy to attach to the stand and position at almost any angle you’d like, but it does have to be plugged into a power source, so your placement options are limited.

The smoke/carbon monoxide siren detector was also easy to set up. Since it’s a peel-and-stick device, you can put it pretty much anywhere without drilling holes or hooking up any wiring. Plus, it’s easy to replace the batteries—a relief if you’ve ever struggled with fussy battery covers.

While the equipment selection is limited, we’re pretty happy with the equipment LifeShield does offer. It’s simple to set up and use, and the tablet’s interface makes it easy to manage all the devices you hook up.

Customer reviews

We had a tough time tracking down positive reviews of LifeShield. The positive reviews we found focused on positive experiences with customer support.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the reviews we found were negative, and talked about difficulty with equipment and poor customer service.

Positive reviews

“I love how I can call anytime and speak to an actual agent. They do not rush me off the phone, and listen to what my concerns or needs are! My family and I love LifeShield!” – Whitney, June 2016, Consumer Affairs

“Customer Service was very helpful and patient.”- Peggy, July 2016, Consumer Affairs

Negative reviews

“We have been having problems with all of our equipment for the past few months. We now have our internet and router updated, but we still have only one key fob that works, and our motion sensor for on the wall still is not working.” – Corbin, June 2016, Consumer Affairs

“I like the service overall. My biggest issue is the lack of technical support after hours. On 2 different occasions my alarm went off and I was unable to turn off. I don’t recall the exact issues, however I was unable to reach technical support due to non-business hours and my alarm was going off at 7:30 am… The call center could not assist. I was stuck with an alarm sounding and unable to leave for work until the issue resolved. Very very frustrating.” – Annette, January 2016, Consumer Affairs

Do we recommend LifeShield Home Security?

LifeShield gets a lot right—if you can’t pay much up front for equipment and you want mobile access with the base-level plan, it might be a good choice.We’re hesitant to recommend the higher-tier plans because you can get more features, including home automation, from other companies for the same amount of money. And a lot of those other companies have a larger equipment selection and 24/7 customer support.

If you need just the basics, LifeShield might suit your needs—but if you’d like to learn more about other options, check our post about the best home security systems.

Do you have any experience with LifeShield Home Security? Please share your stories in the comments below!

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25 responses to “LifeShield Review: Free Home Security Equipment Makes LifeShield a Budget-Friendly Choice”

  1. Wow, I’ll have to consider myself lucky because I’ve had only minor problems with my system which I corrected myself or had replaced by LifeShield with no delays. First off, I installed it myself and connected with no problems with LifeShield Customer Service immediately, and after we moved to our new house as well. As for responses they have been “A-1” with phone calls immediately even if we don’t hear them when our smoke detectors go off and we forget to check to see if they did indeed call only to have the local fire department show up at our front door much to our embarrassment, and all over a single burnt french fry!

  2. This is by far the biggest rip off company out there, the system is completely unreliable and alarms go off randomly, especially when we are out of state & we get calls from the police that are at our home. The sensors they installed fall off of the walls and actually damaged our rental property and window frames to the point where we had a $300 repair bill upon move out. Now we’ve since moved into our new rental home & our landlords have specified they do not want any additional systems installed as it is already wired with ADT, LifeShield is refusing to cancel my service and telling me I have to pay the early termination fee, well why not call it even and instead of them paying the $300 repair bill for their system, just let me ship this crap back?! I’ve spoken with 3 managers, and am waiting to hear back from their “customer advocate ”
    This company is beyond crooked and a total scam! Shame on DIRECTV for bundling with this company!

  3. I agree with JIM Montanez. They provide sloppy installation. Will not come out to fix it. The siren is in the basement which cannot be heard upstairs. I give this company a zero rating

  4. I just cancelled life shield security service today. The objective to provide peace of mind was not met. My security system has been down at least two to three times a week in the middle of the night. When I contacted life shield they stated it was not their system but my internet connection. Another reason was the the base station may too close to my router….the system was installed by a direct TV representative so I could not understand why he would place it close to another device that may cause an issue. I have concluded that Life shield has provided the worst service for home security and do not recommend it. When I finally decided to call and cancel they charged me an early cancellation fee of $315.00. Never AGAIN! Stay away from this system.

  5. This is the most useless package in the market. I signed up with them after a house close to where i live was burglarized – what a mistake. Equipment was a joke. When I call to cancel, I was informed that the entire monthly payments till the end of the contract will be due at once and that I could keep the equipment. It is a scam – if you so desire to try their service, ask in writing for a 30 to 45-day trial period. Do not sign long term contracts.

  6. I bought two systems three years ago and neither worked correctly. We tried and bought extra equipment and still our home was not protected. I just tired to cancel our 36 month contracts and they said it was a 60 month contract. I signed for a 36 month contract at $29.99 month, even on their site the contracts are 36 months. There customer service is as bad as their product. Don’t buy it!

  7. Hey Becca, so sorry to hear about the frustrations here. Since DIRECTV was purchased by AT&T, Lifeshield is now rolling into AT&T’s Digital Life, and we’ve heard a lot of complaints about how customer service has been handled in the transition. It might be worth reaching out to AT&T’s customer service and resolving through their team? Good luck!

  8. I’ve had great experience with the product for the past 3 years, but anytime I’ve had a question, I can’t get through. Well now I’m moving, and I can’t get in-touch with ANYONE TO DISCONNECT MY SERVICE. I’ve sat on the phone for over an hour like 4 different times, and I can’t begin to tell you how aggravating this is!!!! I’ve emailed LIfeshield, so I can simply disconnect my service, but they answered with “you have to call customer service!” Be aware if you ever have problems that need addressed by customer service, you wil more then likely have to be a very patient person to deal with these crazy hold times =(

  9. Hi Marvin,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. We’re sorry to hear you are having struggles with LifeShield. One of the reasons LifeShield didn’t rank high with our 2015 rankings is their poor customer service. It seems we are not alone on this, as many users have rated LifeShield poorly.

    Let me know if there is anything I can help you with!


  10. Worst company in the world, had them since 2015, have had issues with the system having alerts that are not there, tried to cancel and they said it would cost us $1000.

  11. Lifeshield Security is horrible. I received the do it yourself box which I did not expect to happen. They give instructions on how to set things up, but I could never figure it out. It wasn’t because I am not smart but because it just was not working. I called to voice my concerns and was told someone would come to help me. No one showed up. I messed with it some more and still couldn’t get it to work. I called in again and finally got frustrated and told them to come pick it up. They said they would send someone and to this day no one came to pick it up. I cleaned out the garage and found it all still boxed up. I called and they said they cancelled my services and are charging me an outrageous fee because I never cancelled. I received my do it yourself alarm and cancelled within 3 weeks. I have my system all boxed up and wanting to send back, but they will not help me. That is the worst customer service. And now they have partnered with Direct TV which I was considering getting but not anymore.

  12. In the past month I have dealt with two tablets that won’t connect to my system. Everyday I get a notification that my door has been opened while I am sitting there alone in my living room. Yesterday I got an alert while I was at home that the backdoor was opened, police were called (by me, Lifeshield didn’t even bother calling them) they told me everything was secure. Today I got a burglary alarm notification on my phone so I had a neighbor check the house, it was all good but the alarm was going off. I called police department again and again they had no notification of the alarm (mind you it was about 15 min after the alarm notification) and now they are telling me I may have to pay $500 to get out of the contract? I wish I could use cuss words to explain the quality of this system but since I cannot I will just call it garbage!

  13. I was swindled/scammed/mislead by DIRECTV now I’m in a 36 month contract due to DIRECTV reps giving me false info that assured me there was a trial period. DIRECTV should not support promote this company!

  14. When they were describing the Lifeshield contract to me, they said you can pay $15 to cancel this system. What they forgot to mention is how you have to pay the $15/month left in the contract! So there is a difference between paying $15 and paying >$500 to cancel a contract. The only reason why canceling is necessary is due to all the useless and harmful maintenance they keep making. Every single time they decide to “fix bugs” they cause the whole security system to freeze with a non-working base! I can’t imagine what would happen if I left the system on and then it decides to break down! Not only the house will be unprotected but I also might get locked out of my house. I’m so disappointed in people who don’t tell you everything about the contract when you trust them to be thorough in their work! I don’t recommend anyone to get imprisoned in a contract as bad as Lifeshield’s with no escape, bad maintenance and unhelpful workers!

  15. Stay away from this system it is too sensitive I had nothing but problems with it. They should stick with there TV business. After 3 month I cancelled the system and went back to ADT.
    When I signed the contract I was told that there would be a $15.00 per month chance however they wanted the cancelation fee up front $515.00.
    I do have DirectTV and I think I will revisit that and possibly switch to ComCast.

  16. I have only had my system for about five days now and I have been playing around with the features, so far I am very pleased with the features and the system. My only complaint is they should offer cameras with night vision.

  17. What a terrible service that I have received from the company. If I can give negative rating, I would. They just automatically renewed the service after three years of the original contract by one year. When I tried to cancel it, they would charge me $70 for early termination fee. When I protested, they said that everthing was in the letter they sent to me. Wow! They just send a letter and can get away with everything? On top of that, when I had a problem with equipment, they transferred me to different departements! What a terrible service!!!

  18. I’ve had a LifeShield system for more than five years. They were an excellent company, but they’ve turned into garbage over the past year. I always paid my bill automatically with my debit card. I was issued a new card, but I forgot to update the billing info with Lifeshield. So I missed one month’s payment and owed them $30. They didn’t call me. They set off our alarm system at 8AM and scared the hell out of us. We didn’t know if someone was breaking into our home or if there was a fire. I called them, and they said they would turn off the alarm when I paid the $30 I owe them. I had them disconnect my service because I don’t trust them. They made me pay a $119 disconnection fee, which was never in my contract. I have the original quote from 2009 which said they would never charge a termination fee. Here it is: “Another InGrid exclusive is no long-term commitments for monitoring service. You simply Pay-As-You-Go each month with no penalties for early termination!” Lifeshield has become a terrible company.

  19. I WILL NEVER AGAIN GET LIFESHIELD & FURTHERMORE WILL ADVISE EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW AGAINST IT. Additionally I will inform my mom (a Realtor) to their sketchy business practices and ask her to inform her office mates and colleagues so no one gets screwed like we did. If your curious the story is below…

    I ordered LifeShield for a rental for my roommates and I as we were moving to the city. When you sign up you agree to a 2 year contract of monthly monitoring fees. After the 2 years we moved and I called to cancel the system noticing that I had already been billed for a 25th month (when the contract was for 24). I was informed that on page 5 of a 10 page agreement I consented to electronically there was a stipulation that I had submit a request to them in writing (60 days prior to the 2 year term expiring) to cancel or else I was automatically renewed for an additional 12 months. The fee for this was 12 months of monthly monitoring fees, or over $400. Explaining the situation the cs rep reduced the charge to $200. This was the last positive experience I had with LifeShield. I told her I would call back as I needed to check with roommates, she told me I had a month until I would be charged again.

    I called about a week ago to discuss getting the $200 waived. We had fulfilled our contract, and were never notified that it would auto renew or that we had to notify them with the exception of the fine print of a contract from 2 years ago that I didn’t even receive a copy of for my records. This time I asked to talk to a supervisor and had to ask at least 10 times before the rep would check to escalate things. She came back, told me they were all at lunch and they would call me back.

    A week later and nothing. Called again, all reps were busy, asked to be called back, nothing. Called again today to talk to a supervisor who might have been just as efficient and understanding if he were a recording. After 10 minutes of him not getting my point and quoting some obscure page of a 730+ day old contract we are paying $200.

    DO NOT GET LIFESHIELD, unless you set an alarm to notify them in writing 60 days prior, or you are okay with being SCREWED!! In addition to them stealing our money they made it hard work to even get a hold of someone to cancel, I have honestly spent over 3 hours trying to get this resolved.

    • Thank you Courtney for your comment and for helping our readers make more educated decisions. This info also helps inform our rankings to help customers like you find the best services. We are sorry to hear that you had so much difficulty and hope you find some resolution soon.

  20. I grew up with a burglar alarm, and was always used to setting one before
    bed, turning off when I got home from school.

    I bought my first apartment in Hoboken, NJ in April 2000, closed on it, and
    3 days after I moved in, was burglarized. They stole all my jewelry, a
    laptop and who knows what else – plus one of my own duffle bags to put it
    all in. All my things were still in boxes but when I got home, it was
    pulled out and scattered all over the place. They drilled around the
    doorknob to get in. I was terrified.

    I called ADT and got a system installed by someone the next day. I paid
    $60 a month for it, and always thought it was high priced but didn’t know
    about anything else.

    Moved next to a home in Bucks County, PA and got ADT again. Wires thought
    walls, installation was poor, and one of the windows kept triggering in the
    middle of the night so a lot of false alarms.

    Finally switched to LifeShield, a fantastic wireless system that does so
    much more than burglar alarm. I installed it myself (free!) and got the
    fire sensor, door/windows, CO, glass break and motion sensors. Pay $30 a
    month. I love it so much, I also got a second LifeShield system with video
    and flood sensors and installed it at our beach house. (Another bonus: I
    cancelled the home-watcher we used to have down at the shore in the winter
    because this is much cheaper and I can check it every day if I want.)

  21. I got a LifeShield system earlier this year and things were going along well. Installation was pretty easy (took me around 2 hours). This week I've had some communication issues and some errors on my control panel. The first time I called customer support it took me 26 minutes before I was able to speak to customer support. Then when I finally got through they were not able to resolve my issue and said they would call me back. I never have a good feeling when I'm told to expect a call back from customer support (any company) and sure enough, 48 hours later I had no response. So I called again, this time it was about 8 minutes before I was connected and my problem was resolved.

    Moral of the story: my problem was fixed, but when it comes to my security provider I expect pretty flawless support. I can't afford to have my security system down for any amount of time.

  22. I have had a LifeShield system for a few weeks now and everything is going well. Setup was a breeze, but took me about 2 hours. I just followed the instructions in the box, I didn't need to call customer service (until the end to activate). What I really like so far is the ability to change settings via the keypad, online portal or the app on my iPad or iPhone.

    Just the other day it was driving my family crazy that whenever a door would open, not only would keypad chime, but the main base station by the internet router would chime. I work right next to the base station, two floors up from the main level, and whenever someone would come home the base would beep so loud that it would catch me really off guard. Sure enough, it was a quick visit to the system settings on the iPad app to change that.

    I also like that you can change the settings of the sensors they send you (make a 'window' sensor a 'door' sensor is an example) and it appears to be really easy to add additional equipment to the accout.

    I haven't had any realy emerganices yet, so the system has not been tested in a real life security scenario, but I'm satisfied with every other part of the system so far.

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