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Best Home Safes Reviews: SentrySafe vs. Stack-On vs. First Alert

  • High-quality construction
  • Handle and wheels option for portability
  • Spacious enough interior for a small laptop

First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe


SentrySafe Fireproof Safe
  • Theft-deterrent features
  • One-hour fire protection for digital devices
  • Water resistant up to 8 inches

SentrySafe Combination Fire Safe


Stack-On Personal Safe
  • Smaller size to fit in tighter spaces
  • Easy-to-program electronic lock
  • No fire resistance

Stack-On Large Personal Safe


*Prices listed based on listed retailer prices as of this writing. Data effective 8/15/2019. Prices and availability subject to change.

The best home security system won’t protect your most treasured valuables against threats like house fires, flooding, or an accidentally unlocked door. Home security systems aren’t perfect, and a home safe can be the last line of defense against burglars. Here we’ll give you our best home safe reviews, including pros and cons, pricing, sizing, and other tips to help you choose the home safe that best fits your needs.

Compare Safes

ProductFirst Alert Waterproof Fire SafeSentrySafe Combination Fire SafeStack-On Large Personal Safe
What it looks likeStack-On Personal Safe
View on AmazonView on Amazon
View on Amazon
View on Amazon
Exterior dimensions17"H x 23.5"W x 20"D17.8"H x 16.3"W x 19.3"D11.8"H x 15"W x 11.6"D
Capacity1.31 cubic feet1.23 cubic feet1.1 cubic feet
Weight94 lbs90 lbs34 lbs
Steel plates
Lock typeDigital keypadDual combination/keyElectronic
Anchor ready
Fire protection
Water resistance
Drilling protection
Calif. certified gun safe
Warranty5 years1 year3 years
What it looks like
View on Amazon
Exterior dimensions
Steel plates
Lock type
Anchor ready
Fire protection
Water resistance
Drilling protection
Calif. certified gun safe
First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe SentrySafe Combination Fire Safe Stack-On Large Personal Safe
Stack-On Personal Safe
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View on Amazon
View on Amazon
$232.47 $199.84 $140.11
17"H x 23.5"W x 20"D 17.8"H x 16.3"W x 19.3"D 11.8"H x 15"W x 11.6"D
1.31 cubic feet 1.23 cubic feet 1.1 cubic feet
94 lbs 90 lbs 34 lbs
Digital keypad Dual combination/key Electronic
5 years 1 year 3 years

#1 First Alert Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Digital Safe

Best Home SafesOur top pick for the best home safe is the First Alert 2092DF waterproof fire safe. It’s a great all-around safe for just about any type of valuable because it’s equipped with fire- and water-resistant materials and anti-burglary security measures. One of the best features is that you can bolt the First Alert 2092DF safe to your floor without compromising its fire and waterproof resistance. And while it takes up as much space in your house as comparable safes, its 1.3-cubic-foot interior is roomy enough for a small laptop.

Key features

  • Waterproof seal and bolt technology keep the safe fire- and water-resistant with the warranty intact after bolting it to the floor.
  • Pry-proof concealed hinges and four live locking door bolts give added security against burglars.
  • 1.31-cubic-foot capacity with a removable and adjustable shelf, key, and door pockets maximize storage space.
  • Backlit digital keypad with emergency override key let you access the safe quickly in an emergency.


  • High-quality steel, cement, and ABS plastic construction
  • UL classification to survive in a fire for one hour, up to 1700°F
  • Waterproof even when fully submerged
  • Handle and wheels option for portability
  • Spacious enough interior for a small laptop
  • Moisture-absorbing pad inside to deter condensation
  • 5-year warranty, even once bolted to floor


  • Difficult-to-program digital lock code
  • Some consumer complaints about the digital lock being unreliable

#2 SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe

Best Home SafesOur pick for second-best home safe is the SentrySafe SFW123DSB combination fire safe. Its fire and water protection and spacious interior make it a great choice for almost any homeowner. Heavy enough to deter burglars from making a quick getaway, this safe can also bolt to your floor for added safety. However, its fireproof technology causes condensation buildup over time. For that reason, we’d recommend a dehumidifier accessory if you want to store family photos, a small firearm, or video tapes. The interior is large enough to fit an airtight box for such items if needed.

Key features

  • Spacious 1.2-cubic-foot interior with built-in shelving and door pocket
  • Fire, water and theft protection
  • Pry-resistant hinge bar and four one-inch locking bolts
  • Bolt-down hardware


  • Durable steel plating and theft-deterrent features
  • UL classification to survive in a fire for one hour, up to 1700°F
  • One-hour fire protection for digital devices up to 1700°F
  • Water resistant up to 8 inches for 24 hours
  • After-fire replacement


  • Plastic handle
  • Condensation issues caused by fire-resistant materials
  • One-year limited warranty

#3 Stack-On Large Personal Safe with Electronic Lock

Best Home SafesRounding out our top three picks for best home safe is the Stack-On PS-515 large personal safe. This is a great affordable, medium-sized, theft-proof safe for your home if you’re not looking for fire or water protection. The upside to it not having fire resistance is that there’s less risk of condensation. So it’s a good fit for documents, jewelry, or smaller firearms. The lock times out after three failed attempts, making this a great home security defense to store guns, medication, or other items you need to keep away from your kids.

Key features

  • Concealed hinges and two live-action steel locking bolts
  • Pry-resistant, solid steel door
  • 9-gauge steel door and 12-gauge steel sides
  • Padded bottom and shelf


  • Easy-to-read electronic keypad with low battery warning light and override key
  • Time out period after three incorrect combination lock attempts
  • Predrilled holes to anchor to floor or wall
  • Smaller size to fit in tighter spaces
  • Easy-to-program electronic lock


  • No fire resistance
  • No water resistance

Other best home safes reviewed

BARSKA Biometric Safe

Best Home SafesThe BARSKA Biometric Safe is a sturdy, reliable small to medium-sized home safe that comes with a lot of good features, including a fingerprint pad for quick access and two backup keys. It also has a silence setting to turn off the beep alert when you open the safe—a feature a lot of customers like but a lot of similar safes don’t offer. The BARSKA is good for storing anything from medication to firearms.

Honeywell Steel Fireproof Security Safe

Best Home SafesThe Honeywell 2111 Steel Fire and Security Safe‘s best feature is its fire resistance. Combine that with a reasonable price and seven-year warranty, and this product is worth considering. It’s not packed with features and has no shelves for organization, but the Honeywell 2111 home safe is sturdy and reliable. It’s perfect if a simple safe is all you need.

Paragon Deluxe Safe

Best Home SafesIf you’re not looking for fire or water protection, the Paragon Quarter Master 7775 Home Safe could make an excellent choice for your home safe needs. It’s roomy, has a customizable digital code lock, and comes with solid security features. It’s not as heavy as similar fire- andwater-resistant safes, so you’ll want to anchor it to the floor or risk a burglar fleeing with your entire safe in hand. With an impressive 10 =0year warranty, the Paragon 7775 is a solid contender for a reliable burglar-proof home safe.
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What to consider before buying a home safe

There are three big questions to ask yourself before investing in a home safe (other than the inevitable cost decision). These factors will help you determine the size, type, and features you’ll need.

Where will you put your safe?

Many people’s first inclination is their master bedroom, but this is one of the first places burglars go. Consider the best hidden area in your home. Go for an out-of-the way place like a spare bedroom or a hall closet. A basement could be also a good option, unless you live in a flood-prone area.

What will you use your safe for?

If you plan on storing important documents like birth certificates, stock certificates, wills, passports, etc., you’ll want a fire- and water-resistant safe. If you’re storing jewelry, heirlooms, photo albums, or a small firearm, make sure you find one that has added burglar and safety prevention. Some of the best home safes give you all of these features.

What size do you need?

Finally, the space you choose and how much you want to store in your safe will determine the size you need. It’s a good idea to go a bit larger than your current needs to give yourself some room for growth.

Be smart about your home safe

Whether you’re looking to protect documents, jewelry, or firearms, a home safe is your last line of defense against theft and fire and water damage. A home safe is a smart investment for those looking to protect their valuables and their loved ones.

Do you have any home safe woes or pros to share?

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