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2019’s Best Home Security Cameras: Indoor & Outdoor

CameraNest Cam IQ Indoor
Best indoor security camera
Nest Hello
Best doorbell camera
Arlo Ultra HD
Best HD camera
What it looks likeNest Cam IQ IndoorNest Hello DoorbellArlo Ultra HD 4K
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What it looks like
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Nest Cam IQ Indoor
Best indoor security camera
Nest Hello
Best doorbell camera
Arlo Ultra HD
Best HD camera
Nest Cam IQ Indoor Nest Hello Doorbell Arlo Ultra HD 4K
$299.99 $229.99 $399.99
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Home security cameras don’t just add an important layer to your home security system by giving you an extra set of eyes inside and outside your home. They can also deter break-ins, capture and store important event footage, and offer a little more comfort when you leave the kids and pets back at home.

Here are 2019’s best home security cameras:

Compare security cameras

CategoryCamera nameWhat it looks likeResolutionField of View (FOV)PriceLearn more
Best indoor security cameraNest Cam IQ IndoorNest Cam IQ Indoor1080p HD130º$299.99 View Product
Best outdoor security cameraArlo Pro 2Arlo Pro 21080p HD130º$479.99 (2-camera system)View on Amazon
Best wireless security cameraBlink XTBlink XT1080p HD110º$129.99 View on Amazon
Best budget security cameraLogitech Circle 2Logitech Circle 21080p HD180º$199.99 View on Amazon
Best doorbell cameraNest HelloNest Hello Doorbell1080p HD160º$229.99 View Product
Best HD cameraArlo Ultra HDArlo Ultra HD 4K4K HDR180º$399.99 View on Amazon
Best PTZ cameraAmcrest UltraHD PTZAmcrest UltraHD PTZ1520p120º$99.98 View on Amazon
Best pet cameraFurboFurbo Pet Camera720p120º$249.00 View on Amazon
Best indoor security camera
Best outdoor security camera
Best wireless security camera
Best budget security camera
Best doorbell camera
Best HD camera
Best PTZ camera
Best pet camera
Camera name What it looks like Resolution Field of View (FOV) Price Learn more
Nest Cam IQ Indoor Nest Cam IQ Indoor 1080p HD 130º $299.99 View Product
Arlo Pro 2 Arlo Pro 2 1080p HD 130º $479.99 (2-camera system) View on Amazon
Blink XT Blink XT 1080p HD 110º $129.99 View on Amazon
Logitech Circle 2 Logitech Circle 2 1080p HD 180º $199.99 View on Amazon
Nest Hello Nest Hello Doorbell 1080p HD 160º $229.99 View Product
Arlo Ultra HD Arlo Ultra HD 4K 4K HDR 180º $399.99 View on Amazon
Amcrest UltraHD PTZ Amcrest UltraHD PTZ 1520p 120º $99.98 View on Amazon
Furbo Furbo Pet Camera 720p 120º $249.00 View on Amazon

Data effective 03/13/2019. Offers and availability subject to change

Nest Cam IQ: Best indoor security camera

Nest Cam IQ Indoor
Price: $299.99

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.9 x 2.9 in.
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Field of view: 130º
  • Power source: AC

Pros and cons of Nest Cam IQ Indoor


  • High-quality video
  • Two-way audio
  • Microphone with noise cancellation and echo suppression
  • High-quality built-in speaker


  • Larger dimensions than Nest Cam Indoor
  • High price

Why we recommend Nest Cam IQ Indoor

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor comes loaded with a powerful camera, a high-quality speaker, and a sophisticated microphone that suppresses ambient noise while you’re listening in on things at home. Person alerts help separate relevant notifications from things like passing cars or branches blowing in the wind outside your windows. It also tracks any motion it catches and zooms in for a clearer view, making it an ideal choice for parents or pet owners who want to keep an eye on things while away.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor also comes with a built-in Google Assistant that helps you manage the camera, access footage, and get answers to your questions. The voice assistant is a unique feature that sets this camera apart from other indoor cameras, and we really like that you can manage the camera with your voice instead of digging through an app.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is the best security camera for parents and pet owners who want to make use of the camera’s zoom tracking feature and its high-quality microphone and built-in speaker. Learn more in our Nest camera review.

>>Convinced? Buy the Nest Cam IQ Indoor today.

Arlo Pro 2: Best outdoor security camera

Arlo Pro 2
Price: $479.99 (two-camera set)

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.9 x 2.9 in.
  • Weight: 4.8 oz.
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Field of view: 130º
  • Operating temperature: -4ºF to 113º F
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Pros and cons of Arlo Pro 2


  • Crisp 1080p video
  • Wireless rechargeable design
  • Water-resistant exterior for outdoor use


  • Higher price than Arlo Pro

Why we recommend Arlo Pro 2

With its water-resistant exterior, the Arlo Pro 2 excels as an outdoor security camera. The camera’s wireless design allows you to place it anywhere on your property within range of your Wi-Fi network.

The wireless design also allows you to connect multiple Arlo cameras together to give you a more complete view of your property, all within the same Arlo app. The app also lets you set zones to limit unnecessary motion detection notifications, like when your neighbor takes their dog past the house twice a day. Read our full Arlo review to learn more.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: We like the Arlo Pro 2 outdoor camera for its high-resolution image recording. Its wireless design lets you set it up anywhere within your Wi-Fi network, which makes it a great choice if you want to monitor an outdoor area that’s not near a plug.

>>Want an excellent outdoor camera at a reasonable price? Buy the Arlo Pro 2.

Blink XT: Best wireless security camera

Blink XT Camera
Price: $129.99

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.2  x 2.8 in.
  • Network: Wi-Fi
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Field of view: 110º
  • Power source: Lithium battery

Pros and cons of Blink XT


  • 1080p video
  • Weatherproof construction
  • 2-year battery life
  • Free cloud storage


  • Requires hub

Why we recommend Blink XT

Our favorite Blink Camera comes with a whole lot of placement options thanks to its wireless and weatherproof design. These wireless security cameras work both indoors and outdoors, and they come with an impressive two-year battery life and free cloud storage.

If you need more than a traditional Wi-Fi camera, you can connect your Blink XT via a 4G cellular connection. That makes the Blink a great option if you don’t have consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house, or if you want to set up the camera outside of Wi-Fi range, like your garage.

Blink XT cameras require a hub, but the hub allows you to connect up to 10 security cameras in one system—so you can monitor them in one spot.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: The Blink XT gives you plenty of flexibility with its wireless, weatherproof design. And you don’t have to pay for a plan to get access to cloud storage.

>>Like the versatility of the wireless and 4G-capable Blink XT? Buy it today.
>>Looking for more wire-free options? Check out our roundup of the best wireless cameras.

Logitech Circle 2: Best budget security camera

Logitech Circle 2
Price: $199.99

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.8 in.
  • Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Field of view: 180º
  • Power source: AC
  • Night vision: Up to 15 ft.

Pros and cons of Logitech Circle 2


  • Continuous recording
  • Free 24-hour cloud storage
  • Two-way audio
  • Several mounting options
  • Indoor and outdoor capability


  • Lower-quality night vision
  • Full system reset to change settings

Why we recommend Logitech Circle 2

The Logitech Circle 2 offers an impressively wide 180º field of view, high-definition 1080p video, and 24 hours of free cloud storage. It also has two-way audio so you can communicate with your kids or pets back home. For the price, this camera comes with all the features and security you need in a camera without sacrificing quality.

The Logitech Circle 2 isn’t the cheapest security camera we’ve come across, but it offers the best balance of affordability, reliability, and security––since cheaper security cameras can be hacked. Plus, you can use it inside or outside the house.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: We recommend the Logitech Circle 2 to anyone looking for a cheaper security camera that still gives you a great set of base features like 1080p video, 24 hours of cloud storage, and two-way communication. We think it’s the best security camera you can buy on a budget without having to worry about quality or security issues (like the camera being hacked).

>>Found the affordable camera you’ve been looking for? Buy the Logitech Circle 2.

Nest Hello: Best doorbell camera

Nest Hello Doorbell
Price: $229.99

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 1.7 x 4.6 x 1 in.
  • Network: Wi-Fi
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Field of view: 160º
  • Operating temperature: 5ºF to 104ºF

Pros and cons of Nest Hello


  • Sharp 1080p HD HDR video
  • Facial recognition that remembers frequent visitors
  • Google Home integration
  • Motion & sound detection
  • Two-way communication


  • No Alexa integration
  • Difficult hardwired setup

Why we recommend Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is our favorite video doorbell camera because it gives you sharp video footage with a ton of useful features like two-way communication, powerful night vision, and a unique facial recognition software that remembers familiar faces, so you’ll know who’s at your door without having to be there.

In our testing we found that the Nest Hello looks better, sounds better, and functions more reliably (no Wi-Fi connection issues or fuzzy video) than competing Ring doorbell cameras. 

ASecureLife’s recommendation: We like the Nest Hello for its powerful camera and app that includes useful features like zone setting and facial recognition. Learn more about the Nest Hello.

>>Want the best video doorbell on the market? Buy the Nest Hello.

Arlo Ultra: Best HD camera

Arlo Ultra Camera
Price: $399.99

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.9 in.
  • Resolution: 4K HDR
  • Field of view: 180º
  • Power source: Wireless battery
  • Night vision: 25 ft.

Pros and cons of Arlo Ultra


  • 4K HDR resolution
  • Automatic zoom and intelligent motion tracking
  • Weatherproof exterior
  • Two-way audio
  • Ability to differentiate people, pets, and vehicles


  • Hub required
  • High price

Why we recommend Arlo Ultra

The Arlo Ultra gives you 4K video footage with a 180º field of view, which makes for some of the highest-quality video and one of the widest fields of view on the market. Its color night vision gives you clear video in the dark without washing out images like we’ve seen from lower-quality night vision cameras.

The Arlo Ultra recognizes the difference between people, packages, and pets, and it notifies you accordingly so you don’t have to check your phone just to see the same motion alert multiple times a day.

All that said, this awesome camera comes at a high price of $399.99, so you’re really paying for it if you want one of the most cutting-edge security cameras on the market.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: We recommend the Arlo Ultra to anyone who wants the best and isn’t afraid to pay for it. You’ll benefit from a high-quality security camera with smart features like automatic zoom, intelligent tracking, and smarter notifications.

>>For ultra-sharp security camera video, buy the Arlo Ultra HD.

Amcrest UltraHD PTZ: Best PTZ camera

Amcrest UltraHD PTZ
Price: $99.98

Tech specs

  • Network: Wi-Fi
  • Resolution: 1520p
  • Field of view: 120º
  • Power source: Adapter
  • Night vision: 32 ft.

Pros and cons of Amcrest UltraHD PTZ


  • Expanded viewing angle
  • High-quality 1520p image quality
  • Multiple storage options
  • Two-way communication


  • Complicated setup

Why we recommend Amcrest UltraHD PTZ

The Amcrest UltraHD PTZ gives you a super crisp HD resolution and an expansive viewing angle. But what sets it apart is its PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) capabilities.

The Amcrest gives you 360º pan, 90º tilt, and up to 16x digital zoom. That gives you a view of pretty much everything in the room as opposed to just a stationary feed based on where you place the camera.

You also have the choice between cloud storage through the Amcrest app or local video storage through a micro SD card. 

ASecureLife’s recommendation: We really like the Amcrest’s high-resolution camera and its pan, tilt, and zoom functions that give you a much broader range of view than most cameras. That versatility is useful if you want to pay for only one camera that covers the field of view you’d get from multiple cameras.

>>Buy the Amcrest UltraHD PTZ.

Furbo: Best pet camera

Furbo Pet Camera
Price: $249.00

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 4.7 in.
  • Weight: 2 lb. 2 oz.
  • Network: Wi-Fi
  • Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Field of view: 160º
  • Power source: Micro USB

Pros and cons of Furbo


  • 160º HD camera
  • Treat dispenser to keep pets happy
  • Bark alerts that warn you when dogs bark
  • Two-way audio to talk to your pets


  • Hardwired connection
  • Bulky design

Why we recommend Furbo

No one wants to leave the furry ones at home, but if you don’t have a pet-friendly office, you might not have a choice. The Furbo gives you a window into your pets’ lives at home while you’re not there.

The Furbo notifies you when your dog barks, which quickly alerts you if your pet is in distress or if there’s a more serious emergency at home. It also gives you the ability to talk to them and dispense treats, which is sure to make your time apart more bearable for both parties. How sweet is that?

The Furbo gives you a window into your pets’ lives at home while you’re not there.

ASecureLife’s recommendation: We recommend Furbo to pet owners who have to leave their furry ones home during the day. Two-way chat and a treat dispenser make time away easier for both parties.

>>>Ready to shoot treats at your dog from work? Buy the Furbo.

What to look for in a security camera

What features matter?

Security cameras offer a lot more than just video footage of your home. While there are more options than ever, there’s also more to consider. Between the confusing tech specs that come with these cameras and all the extra features, here are some things to look for when searching for the best security camera for you:

  • Resolution: Resolution determines the quality of a security camera’s video. Not all cameras with 1080p resolution will look the same, but for high-quality HD footage you should look for something with at least 720p resolution.
  • Field of view (FOV): Resolution determines the footage quality, and field of view determines the observable field of your camera lens. Wider FOVs help you see more at once, which can reduce the number of cameras you need. But wider isn’t necessarily better. Security cameras with fields of view around 180º and wider can look distorted. The FOV sweet spot is around 160º, which gives you a plenty large viewing area without sacrificing quality.
  • Two-way voice: Families with kids or even pet owners might benefit from two-way audio. This allows you and whoever’s at home to communicate with each other if you see something urgent happening. Two-way chat is also useful on doorbell cameras like the Nest Hello so you can communicate with people at your door and give the impression that you’re home.
  • Power source: This is an important consideration if you’re looking for a camera you can set up anywhere in or outside of your home.

Our recommendation

If you’re serious about home security, we recommend adding security cameras to the equation. They give you eyes on your home while you’re not there, notify you of goings-on, and store important video events that you don’t catch in the moment.

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